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Struggling with Baby Wearing

Hi~I have a ring sling and was super excited to wear DD, but I'm failing miserably. I can't seem to get her in and feel like she's secure and, I think as a result, she cries whenever I try. I've tried cradle (with her head on either side) and with her on my chest. I also have a Beco Butterfly 2 that I haven't tried yet because I was waiting for her to be a bit larger. 

This kid wants to be held all.the.time and I really need a solution. Any tips? We have a local baby wearing chapter but they meet over an hour away on inconvenient days. I've also watched YouTube videos, so I feel like a total moron that I still can't get it right.

Thanks for any advice! 

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Re: Struggling with Baby Wearing

  • Ergo with insert is what we loved. I wear the ergo daily for a couple hours. You need to find what works best for you both...comfort and convenience-wise. I use my ring sling only occasionally now for high shoulder and later for hip carry. We also have a beco butterfly for later back carrying (but i may sell it if the ergo is all I need).

    Different carriers for different needs.

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  • Is there anyone in the babywearing group who lives near you and could come and help you at a more convenient time?

     When you tried the ring sling, are her legs froggied together on the inside, with her tummy facing you?

    I know you said you looked at youtube videos, but the maya wrap website has some good videos. Have you tried practicing with a stuffed animal or something similar? If you are apprehensive, LO may be able to sense that.

    I do not know much about the Beco. What are the weight/age limits?

    Stick with it. Sometimes it takes some practice, but it does get easier.  Good luck!


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  • Ring slings work great with newborns!  I would stick with an upright tummy to tummy position though vs. the cradle carry as it's harder to get a cradle carry positioned safely.

    I actually prefer doing all babies legs out although you can do legs in.  Think of the sling like a hammock that is going to take the place of your arms - her weight will be on her bum with her knees slightly higher than her bum.  The width of the wrap gets snugged up to hold her tight to you.  The extra width of the wrap should be pulled up between you and her (it will sort of bunch up there under her knees).The top rail should be fairly snug and come no higher than the midline of her ear.  She should be high and tight on your chest, right where you would hold her in arms.

    It might help if you post a picture of her in the sling so we can help you troubleshoot. 

    As long as she is 7 pounds, you can wear her in the Beco using the newborn harness. 

  • My son never loved the Maya wrap and I ended up selling it on CL and getting an Ergo, which we both loved for a few months. I tried a Moby just for fun when he was older (9 months or so) and I loved it. I will definitely be getting that next time around for the newborn days. ,

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  • I have a boba wrap and love it. It was very comfy for me and DD when she was a newborn. But babies and mommas are different. Have you tried just going into a local baby store that sells carriers and wraps and seeing if they could help you? When I had a hotsling when DS was a baby, I just went to the place where I bought it and there was a lady there that knew how to wear it and helped me to get it right.
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  • We used a sling for the new born stage, I just layed her in and she was fine though. I also loved my moby style wrap! You can make one for super cheap if you don't want to buy an expensive one. Just buy 5-6m of a slightly stretchy fabric (cotton jersey is perfect) it should be wide enough that you can cut it in 2 strips and get 3 wraps out of that one piece of fabric! It wont fray so no sewing required :) We also have a Boba 3G which is awesome from newborn right up to 45lbs (I'm still wearning my 15 month old and I'm 7 months pregnant!) but I'm guess you wont want to buy that especially if you already have the Beco :)
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  • I adore my woven wraps :)
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  • Search You tube for videos with how to put on a ring sling. Maya wrap also has videos on their website.
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