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Crib Weight Max

How do I find this? I cannot find ouw owners manuel and it has been discontinued. I guess I could always call the company and they should be able to tell me? My girls will be 3 in November and are still in cribs. Trying to figure out when I should transition although at this point they are still doing well and sleeping great granted mhy one DD has a tent on her crib. Thanks!

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  • I don't have any info on the crib weight max but I wanted to let you know that all those crib tents are off the market because of safety issues.  There was a big recall on them a while back.
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  • Google the make/model of your crib and weight limit and something should pop up. We have a Graco Lauren and the weight limit as a crib or toddler bed is 50lbs.
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  • My Ikea crib has a sticker on it that has a weight max and a height max (36 inches).
  • Mine doesn't have a weight limit, but it says not to use after 35" (or when the child is able to climb out).

    DD2 is around 36" but hasn't ever attempted to climb out.

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  • imagewife07mom09:

    we put DD in a toddler bed then full at 15 mo and 18 mo

    its time! 

    DD1 climbed out of her crib at 22 months so we had to switch her then. I went from having a child that went to sleep easily at bedtime to having a nightmare of a time getting her to sleep.

    DD2 is 27 months and still in her crib. I was talking to her this morning about how the baby will sleep in the crib when it comes, and she'll get a big girl bed. She wants me to buy her a new crib instead. :)

    Personally, I would love to keep her in her crib until closer to 3 years. At that point I'd consider switching.

    If they sleep well in their cribs, then I would happily keep them there. I would do anything to preserve good sleep though.

    Annalise Marie 05.29.06
    Charlotte Ella 07.16.10
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