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Where to get whooping cough booster for parents

Does anyone know where we can go in DC to get the pertussis/whooping cough booster? We called our primary care doc, who said he'd have to issue a prescription for us to go pick it up and bring it in for his office staff to administer. But DC has regulations, so we'd have to only use a Virginia pharmacy. We live in DC so it seems rather inconvenient to have to get a prescription written, go to VA, pick something up and then come into DC to get the shot.

 Has  anyone in DC (or Silver Spring) gotten the booster? Where? How?


Re: Where to get whooping cough booster for parents

  • image EllaHella:

    And find a new doctor.  He should be able to obtain vaccines.  And I question a doctor's attitude on care if he treats a common vax this way.  Imagine if he had to expend energey on a complicated issue.

    i totally agree.  this is a very common vax, and you shouldn't be having trouble getting it.  my mom was just given one routinely when she visited her doctor for an annual check-up.  she's with kaiser.



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  • My husband got his at our baby's new pediatrician at my daughter's two day check-up. I would definitely check with your pediatricians office b/c I think that's fairly common. We use All Pediatrics in Alexandria.  

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