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Cloth Diapering

Besides cost and environmental reasons...

Call me ignorannt... I'm sorry, but is there a health benefit for baby to using cloth diapers? Or are they easier to manage? 

What was the main deciding factor for you?  

Re: Besides cost and environmental reasons...

  • There are chemicals in disposable diapers that have been banned from being in tampons.  If they say it can't go in my vajayjay, why would I put it on my babies butt 24/7 for aprx. 3 years?

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  • The chemicals in disposables have been known to decrease sperm count as well.

    Plus, they are really cute :)

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  • There is a poo ton of chemicals in sposie's as others have pointed out. Diaper rash is reduced by using cloth (probably from lack of chemicals as stated earlier). Also, statistically kids who are cloth diapered potty train quicker. There are a lot of pro's to it.

    Also, it's really nice not to have to send DH out every few days to get diapers or wipes. We never run out unless we fudge on the laundry. 

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  • Less chemicals than disposable diapers- I consider that a health benefit because chemicals in newborn skin is scary. 

    Practical in that I don't have to run to the store for diapers.

    Also, they are so much cuter! Not a deciding factor, but an added benefit. 


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  • Because when I told people I wanted to use cloth they told me it wouldn't last long. And I like to prove people wrong!
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  • One more to add... no blowouts! Seriously. In nearly 6 months of CDing we've had 1 blowout and that was b/c of user error. Blowouts were pretty frequent with disposables.
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  • NEVER.and.I.mean.never had a poop blowout using cloth.  Primary reason however, was how cute they are, it makes changing a diaper fun because I get to pick out matching color or fun pattern.  It isn't the same old borning white thing over and over again.  Only rash was a yeast rash from antibiotics.
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  • I like natural fabrics -- but many pockets, with suedecloth, microfiber and pul aren't exactly chemical-free, so maybe the chemical argument is a wash for some. Since I bf as well, I never need to run to the store last minute for diapers or formula.
  • We just switched at 13 months to cloth. From 6 months on we have been battling the skin on my LO's bum. Not diaper rash, but itchy irritated skin around the padding and top of her bottom, and around her hips and thighs. We tried different diaper brands, different wipes, every cream and lotion in existence. Nothing helped and her skin was bleeding and scabbed, it was awful. 3 days in cloth and she was totally clear. We never looked back! Kicking myself now for not starting from the beginning. The money I spent on diapers and various creams for her could have bought me another stash! 
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  • I wanted to keep DD's skin away from the chemicals in sposies.
  • Some of the chemicals are not good.

    I hate the way disposables smell. Clean or not. It bothers me.

    Also, I do use the occassional disposable. I do think they have a time and a place for sure. However, I live 20 miles from the nearest Target or store with diapers. Running out for more quick just isn't an option for me. I can just throw a load of cloth in and never worry about being out.

  • Also, disposable diapers reek.... one messy disposable can stink up my entire house even in the pail with a lid! My cloth are so much better and also I have never had a blow out in cloth..... had lots in disposables!
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