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Ear is vibrating/popping/bubbling...Ear infection?

All day long, off and on, my one ear has been doing weird things like vibrating/popping/bubbling.

Any idea what this might be? An ear infection?  Sinus drainage?

Not painful at all - just annoying!

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Ear is vibrating/popping/bubbling...Ear infection?

  • Sounds like drainage, though it could be heading toward an ear infection.  Might be a good idea to take a decongestant.  If it doesn't hurt I wouldn't think it would be an ear infection.  I had one back in August and could barely move I was in so much pain and every time I closed my eyes the room would feel like it was spinning.
  • I had feelings like my ear drum was vibrating awhile ago.   No real pain, just a shaking feeling/"sound."  I went to the doctor and it was, indeed, the very beginning of an ear infection.  They put me on antibiotic and I avoided the pain because it wasn't very far along yet.


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  • How weird-I've been having this today too!  It's like my inner ear is having a seizure or something lol!  I tried pushing on it, holding pressure....nothing stops the vibrations.  They just stop on their own.  I really hope it's not an ear infection starting-that would suck! :(
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  • Mines been popping on and off for a few weeks.  It's crazy annoying but I'm not worried about it. If it becomes painful, check with your Dr. You could try an ear wash as well?
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  • I'm glad you went and got antibiotics!  Ear infections are no fun.  I actually had one when I was in labor with Nate and it ended me on IV antibiotics because I ran a fever! 


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  • I'd get it looked at.  I had some weird stuff like that, also no pain, and my eardrum burst.  Not fun. 
  • I had an ear infection earlier this year and let me tell ya it hurts! Mine felt like my ear was completely full (like a cotton ball inside) and then the pain set it.  My equilibrium was also off, felt like I was constantly leaning to one side. 

    It could be the beginning to one so I would take a decongestant as a previous poster recommended and check with your doc. Good luck!  Pregnant and sick is no fun!

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