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So gals, I need some explanation since of course, the RE office isn't all that up on explaining things to me! I'm doing FET and start Lupron on Monday.

My understanding is that it needs refrigeration (or to be kept cool) while I've had it in my possession but once I open it, it doesn't need it anymore. True? I just don't understand how that is. And is it okay if I take it for a few hours and it isn't refrigerated before I open it for the first time (I have to travel on a business trip)?

And is there really enough in that vial for 14 days worth of shots?? I have just one 14 day pack.



PS Hope I qualify for this board. Apologies if I've misunderstood. My history and relationship is on the miscarriage/loss board. I'm an almost 3 year veteran of infertility with three losses and one IVF with PGD under my belt.

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Re: XP: Lupron Experts

  • This board is meant for IF board regulars; specifically the bump IF board, not those with long infertility treatment histories. We have a FAQ for detailed information, but this is a "home" board, not some place where people post to get advanced questions answered or a place to leave once you're pregnant. People here should "know" you already from the IF board. We see a lot of people come and go and have forged a lot of close relationships because of our long time together.

    The IF board has a lot of people doing all sorts of advanced treatments so you're not missing out by posting there. But there is a lot less pressure to follow all those unspoken board rules there and it's a great place for all of us to get to know you.

    But to answer your question, the FAQ (link in sig) has LOTS of info. Mine needs refrid after opening only, but other types have different needs you need to look on the packaging for specifics, or contact your pharma. I've had to take it in 20 units, 10 units, and 5 units per day, all for FET so YMMV. The length of time you're on it varies a lot too. I've always gone through 2 kits. Your clinic is your best source of information. Everyone will have different experiences and it doesn't matter what someone else's protocol is if it's not YOURS (unfortunately). 

    Good luck!


  • My 3rdIVF I ran out of Lupron, but the nurse gave me some single shots so I didn't have to order a whole new kit. But really there should be enough. Good luck to you.
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  • I was always told to keep it refridgerated after opeing.  If you are traveling, I suggest a lunch type cooler with an ice pack depending on how long your travel time is.

    One vial should be enough for a FET, but as pp said it really depends on your protocol and dosage.

    Good luck!

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