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Anyone do Grandparents day?

we dont do that in the UK but I figured it would be a cool tradition to start with my mom as well as the IL's
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Re: Anyone do Grandparents day?

  • Sept 7th apparently and I guess so..or at least a granparents gift.  I ordered something from shutterfly with the IL's favorite photo of the munchkin on it.. it actually arrived today and is even nicer than I was expecting which is awesome ..I'll be ordering another one for my mom and she will get it when she arrives to visit for Xmas.

    just as well I get all these codes for shutterly  they are wanting the books I make.. eveytime I make a new one someone wants a copy lol.  The one I made just for due this week and I know they already want a smaller copy of that one.

    It's pretty cute check your private message later and I'll share the book link with you so you can see it if you want to. If you want a book for Grace just let me know and we'll figure out a way for you to send the pics to me and I'll build it for you if it's not available to you like the canvas's.
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  • Nope. We only did Grandparents' Day when I was in K in school. I always figured GP Day was just one of those random days no one did anything about.

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  • Brett was about 9 months old his first Grandparent's day.  I sat him in his bumbo with the table on it and let him go to town with finger paint to make them pictures.  I guess I have lost track of it since then because I don't remember what we might have done last year and looks like it's too late for this year since my parents left on vacation yesterday.  I think any grandparent would love picture books or something like all the hand/footprint art on pinterest.  My parents and my MIL do so much to help us out with the boys throughout the year, it's nice to have a day to acknowledge them for it.
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  • According to my calendar, it's this Sunday, the 9th.  We never did anything to celebrate it when I was growing up, but I plan to at least do something this year.  I got cards for both sets of grandparents.  And, when DS was about 3 weeks old, we did clay plaques with his little baby handprints and footprints.  We'll be giving each set of grandparents one of those.  My parents are local, so we'll probably have them over on Sunday.  DH's parents live out of state, so we'll send it to them.
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  • We do it in k-3 grade. It's grandparents/special friends day. So then they let your grandparents or aunts, uncles whatever come and visit your school and do activities with you. But that's all here.
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  • Yes, we celebrate it. Unfortunately not like I would like too. My family is so far away. So I'm getting them a gift with DS pic onit. If we were home we would spend the day with them.
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  • just got them a card, and we will see them over the weekend =)
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