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So I was wondering if anyone out there has used the intelligender test before and if it was accurate!  I know these things are just for fun but I wanted to see if any moms results actually ended up being true! Thanks! 
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Re: Intelligender..

  • Nope.

    Like you said, it's just for fun and I don't want to waste my money on that. I'll enjoy the free predictors/wives tales.

    If you have the extra money and know that there's no way it can really predict the sex, I say have fun!


  • There's a 50/50 shot of it being correct.
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  • imageThorTTGP:
    There's a 50/50 shot of it being correct.

    lol very true Thor TTGP!  

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  • imageThorTTGP:
    There's a 50/50 shot of it being correct.

    Thou is correct, brother.

    Fifty percent of the time, it dost work every time.

    However, I must say that


  • We used it in 2010 with my second pregnancy. I thought it said boy and my husband thought it said girl. He was right! We did it just for fun though.
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  • Send me $20 via PayPal and I'll give you my prediction.  I'll save you $5!
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  • I'd save the $25 and put it towards an elective gender ultrasound - most around here start at 14-15 weeks and are under $75.
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  • Just pee on baking soda! Same idea. Acid vs. alkaline urine. And chances are it won't cost you anything if you already have a box of the stuff, lol.

    I actually did it a couple days ago. Fizzed like crazy, so should be "boy". Guess we'll know in 2 1/2 months! 

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  • We did it just for fun. We will found out in 3 weeks if its right...
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  • I think all old wives tales are fun to do and OBVIOUSLY they're all in good fun and have 50/50 shot of being correct, I think most of us know that perfectly well. 

     With that being said. I did this with my last child (a review for my blog) and it gave me a boy result and I had a girl.

    I'm doing it again, another review for my blog and I'm interested to see the results. I know two other girls that did it and they both got boy results but were pregnant with girls :) 

     Have fun! 

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  • imageThorTTGP:
    There's a 50/50 shot of it being correct.

    Hmmm did Thor forget to sign back in under the normal SN?
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  • We did it with my first, and it said boy and we surely have a boy. We did it this time, too for entertainment purposes and it said boy again. My tech at the NT Scan was certain this is a boy. So, I guess we'll see. I don't think it's an alkaline test. I read it that it tests for testosterone in your urine. Boys start to produce testestone at 10 weeks GA.

    Who knows, but I think it's silly and something fun to get me to 16 weeks or so. Hey, it costs the same as a bottle of wine (which I'm saving on right now!).

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