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occasional burning in one breast

I've been having some occasional burning in one breast, it comes and goes, sometimes before nursing, sometimes after. I haven't noticed any bumps or lumps, but my nipple has been irritated. I had a little scab where the skin cracked.
I was thinking maybe its thrush, but LO doesn't have any white in her mouth. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: occasional burning in one breast

  • You know, I had this.  It hurt like hell.  Ice packs helped a little...actually, the best thing was the baby's frozen gel teething ring stuck in my bra! 

    I never did figure out what it was, though.  Clogged milk duct, maybe?  It was awful. That boob also has always seemed to produce less milk, too.

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  • I have this in both breast occasionally.  I've come to the conclusion that it's a painful letdown bc I started to notice in in the opposite breast when lo is nursing on the other.  I mentioned it to my sis and she said she had the same thing. 
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  • Seems like I don't need to worry then! Thanks!
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  • My OB asked if the breast that "burned" was usually the larger breast pre-pregnancy. It is. She explained that that breast most likely gets a larger surge of hormones which can cause the burning during let down/milk production. I'm 10 weeks in and the burning is now mostly just a tingle.
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