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Potty Training

any help?

Any help?  DS wont go on the potty when he's wearing pants? 

We were going to do the 3 day method, but we ran into some issues.

DS won't tell us when he has to go.  He just runs to his potty and goes and I have to make sure I watch him bc he likes to dump the bucket on the floor or in the base.  

If he is wearing underwear/pants then half the time he will just pee in them.

He is still in his crib and since he won't tell us when he has to go, at night or when he naps in his crib he wears a diaper.  It's about 50/50 when he wakes up if he's dry or not. 

He still hasn't pooped in the potty.  Usually he poops around noon, but last night he pooped before he went to sleep.  I don't know if he held it that long or just didn't have to go. 

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Re: any help?

  • you were going to do the three day method? what have youdone so far? I know that some methods discourage showing displeasure when they have an accident but I think that has to be part of it... especially when he's so young. You don't have to be angry but he should know youk'renot pleased.  He has to learn that itsnot ok to empty the potty on thefloor etc. Also you needto make a really big deal when he does tell you.  
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  • I meant that we were going to do the 3 day method.  But its taking a little longer.  We let him run around pantsless and he did great with a few messes. but now that we are trying to get him to wear underwear, he just pees in them or takes them off to go potty and doesn't put them back on.
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  • For my son we got the potty and showed him how to use it. Then we went off and bought him some cool underwear. Ones that looked like daddy's (boxer briefs) so he could feel big like daddy, and we found them with things he liked. He is very into trains, cars, airplanes. Found a pack that had them all. When he woke up in the morning i would have him go pee on the potty. He usually did really good. Then throughout the day i would ask him every 20 minutes or so, if he had to go to the potty. I would make sure we would randomly go to the potty, just to "Try". The first day we had one accident. since then i bought him a potty watch. You set it to every 30,60, or 90 minutes and it lights up and sings as a reminder. He didn't want to wear the watch, but if he hears it go off he will run and tell me, and then he tells me if he has to go or not. I gave him sticker rewards, and bought him a new potty book. Going on 4 days and had that one accident, and one sleep accident. But like you i put him in diapers for naps and bed. The watch is a good reminder, and a small reward is not bad.
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