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Wool and Jammies

This one is kinda silly, sorry.

I just finished knitting my first wool cover (yay!) and its washed and lanolized and ready to go. My question is... can they still sleep in footies while wearing one? Or does that cause compression leaks onto the jammies? TIA!

Re: Wool and Jammies

  • I know people that do. I usually just use a cover though. But I have a kid who runs really hot and doesn't like footies.

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  • I haven't heard about the compression leak factor but from what I understand, it would defeat the purpose of wool. The wool is breathable and placing clothes on top may effect that. I have read on here that people do it, I don't though so I can't speak from personal experience. We just use a blanket or most recently, we are purchasing shorties or longies instead of soakers...
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  • My LO always wears jammies over his fitted/wool soakers - the only place it can sometimes cause issues is along the elastic waist band (when he wears two piece jammies). Usually it's when it's getting time to relanolize and he never has that issue in his one-piece footies.

    I only have wool soakers though, so they don't cover much of his legs and my kiddo thrashes around and kicks blankets off. If I had shorties, or obviously longies, that covered more I wouldn't add pants.

  • We used footed cotton and fleece jammies all winter over DD's wool cover with no issue all last winter. We've never had a compression leak.

    I'm toying with the idea of longies for this winter though.

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