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can someone explain Amazon returns to me?

OK, so I'm hoping to order our stroller/car seat from Amazon tonight because it's a great deal (with the Britax Free Ride special, which expires tomorrow). I'm just nervous that at some point over the next three months I'll change my mind about the stroller, or we'll get a new car and the seat won't fit, or something that makes me want to return one or the other or both.

Both say Free Returns, but I have a few questions.

 1. Does this mean Amazon doesn't charge for return shipping? Because I've read that it DOES charge shipping--so I don't get how that makes the returns free. I mean, I don't know of any store that charges an actual fee for returning things-. I'm confused what Amazon actually means by "free"!

 2.  If Amazon does charge return shipping, for something like a B-Ready stroller, is that going to be a ton of money? Does size/weight of item determine how much the shipping charge is if you use Amazon's mailing label?

 3. What is "new and unopened condition"? Does this mean I can't unpack the stroller/car seat at all? Can't open the outside box, even? or does it just mean unused? I mean, at a brick-and-mortar store, I could take the stroller out and try it out on my carpet or something and still return it if I didn't like it, as long as it was unUSED. But Amazon says unOPENED--so what does that really mean?

 Thanks so much!

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Re: can someone explain Amazon returns to me?

  • I have found Amazon to be pretty forgiving for most of their returns. There are a few exceptions. One is that it has to be SOLD and FULFILLED by Amazon. It cannot be sold or fulfilled by another party. If you go through most of the check out, it will detail out return specs.

    Also, if it says new/unopened you would be safe slitting a side that is taped and taking it out to look at, but any part that is separately wrapped, I wouldn't open it. Such as small parts or instructions.

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  • I've never paid for return shipping on any of my returns from amazon.  I have an amazon prime membership - not sure if that matters or not.

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • unopened=not opening the box the item comes in.  If it is shipped inside a box, you can take it out of that, but I find that most of their big items gets shipped in the box the item comes in.  The reason they have this rule as opposed to brick and mortar stores is that the item has to be in the box to return it--if you buy a stroller from Babies R Us and put it together and decide to return it--you aren't going to get it to fit into the box again, and in order to return it to Amazon, it has to be in the box to ship it.

    From what I understand about amazon baby items are that all of them (as long as they are sold and fulfilled by amazon) have free return shipping.  You have to fill out stuff online to do that.

    Have you thought about going to a brick and mortar store to order the stroller and car seat.  Or to at least look at them?  Most of the stores will let you take the car seats out to your car to make sure they fit.  If you order it, I am sure they will hold it for a few weeks (I believe you had a previous post about moving soon and not really wanting the stroller/car seat until then).

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  • I have returned opened things no problem. Just not used. Several times and it is free. But if you return tons of stuff they will close your account.
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  • I've never had an issue with returns, even months later (ie I bought baby k'tans fairly early in pregnancy and didn't know they wouldn't work for LO until months later).  Shipping has always been covered by amazon.  I do have Prime... not sure if that matters.
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