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Last Minute Middle Name for Harper

We have a scheduled c-section for next week, baby is still breech.  And we finally agreed on Harper for her name.  I like the idea of a glamorous/fun first name and a more feminine or pretty middle name.  My husband loves Harper Capri and I am leaning more towards Harper Eileen (after my grandma) or maybe Harper Shae (my first name is Shaina)

She is our 1st but will be the 7th girl out of her cousins, we already have a couple Elizabeth's and a couple Grace's.  So we can't be too trendy, we'd like something unique but not too far out there :-)

I will take any advice! Thank you!!

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Re: Last Minute Middle Name for Harper

  • I really like your suggestion of Harper Eileen! It flows really nicely and I love the family significance the name has for you. 

    And congrats on getting to meet your daughter next week! 

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  • I actually think Harper Capri sounds nice. Harper Eileen is just okay to me. I like that it honors your grandmother, but I don't really like the name and you shouldn't use it unless your husband is on board. I do think the MN spot is a great place for honoring family members. Are there any other family names from either your side or your DH's side that you'd consider? 
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  • My first thought was Harper Claire.
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  • Harper Noelle

    Harper Kate

    Harper June

    Harper Faye

    Harper Rose

    Harper Ruth

    Harper Frances

    Harper Anne 

    Harper Elise

    Harper Judith 

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  • Harper is a beautiful name, its on our short list! I love middle names that mean something and honor someone. My vote is for Eileen!
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  • I like Harper Eileen.

    Also like:

    Harper Jane
    Harper Nicole
    Harper Rae
    Harper Ren?
    Harper Anne
    Harper Elise
    Harper Diane

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  • First thing that popped into my head was Harper Elise.
  • I absolutely love Harper Shae.  Aside from the fact that I like the sound of a one syllable middle name with her two syllable first name, I think Shae is such a pretty. elegant name.  


    Capri makes me think of the cigarettes.  While I like the connection of Eileen to your grandmother , I don't like it with Harper.


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  • I have a friend naming her daughter Harper Adele. 
  • Harper Blair

    Harper Brooke

    Harper Mae

    Harper Paige

    Harper Shae is my favorite of your list.  

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  • Harper Eden came to mind.
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  • My daughter is Harper Ann. We chose Ann because of family significance but we find ourselves calling her Harper Ann more often than just Harper. Congrats on getting to meet your Harper soon!
  • All I can think of with Capri, is Capri Sun. Always liked Eileen though, very feminine and lovely to honor your grandmother. But then again I like slightly older and very feminine names like Eleanor, Eloise, etc. I guess I am pulling "E" names for examples here. =)
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