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TDAP question

Does anyone know if the army gives the TDAP to all their soldiers? I tried to ask DH if he knew if he was vaccinated for pertussis and he didn't know. He said they just get a load of vaccinations before deployment and he doesn't keep track of what they all are. Thanks.
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Re: TDAP question

  • My H is in the Army and he has not received the TDAP.  He will be getting it soon, but it is not something that he was automatically given.
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  • We are navy, and hubby is on a ship, he just had to ask for a referral from the ship (since its not something they do normally), then went to the hospital got the shot and was on his way in no time!

    Just have him ask to get a booster, even if he has it already it cant hurt to have a more recent one!

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  • I think it depends. DH was given one because it had been more than 10 years since his last tetanus. He didn't have to ask. 
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  • DH is Navy and from what I can figure out he has not been given the TDAP vaccine and so we will be asking his doc about him getting it.
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  • Hubby is Army, he just went in for his physical and got a booster while he was there. I believe you need a booster every 10 years and his was due. If they aren't telling him to get it, just have him ask for it and they should do it no problem.


  • It is called a shot record. Have him pick up a copy. It is fast and easy to do. 
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