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MTHFR? + DC (NOVA) doc recs

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with hetro-MTHFR mutation.  I am so confused about all this.  There are message boards that say the standard treatment of folic acid is actually toxic and my DR is acting like it is no big deal.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a DR taking this seriously and can make some recomendations.  From everything I've read, it seems like it is the one thing that has been causing all sorts of health issues.  So whether I am pregnant or not, I need some answers,  but I have also had 3 miscarriages and really dont know if I can handle it again....

thanks in advance.



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Re: MTHFR? + DC (NOVA) doc recs

  • I have a homozygous MTHFR mutation and ds was born with severe IUGR. Studies don't show any associations between the two. However, because of the IUGR I have pushed to be on lovenox and baby aspirin this pregnancy. I don't believe there's a need for extra folic acid unless you have some other levels that are off (homocysteine I think...). The truth is that these mutations seem to be fairly common, so it's possible that it predisposes you to complications, but those complications are so rare in general that I think studies have a hard time finding anything.

    Oh, and I'm at Walter Reed, but I did seek a consult with Greater Washington Maternal Fetal Medicine and they are very good. So if you need a second opinion, I'd consider them.

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  • i used the same dr that I did for DS but I was put on baby aspirin  and additional folic acid this time and will be on it until 36 weeks...thats all my dr said.


    good luck, i had 2 loses so i know how hard it is 

  • I saw the male perinatal dr at the Brock Family Perinatal Diagnostic Center at INOVA Alexandria.  The doc was fantastic.  He  explained the entire thing to me and was really wonderful.
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  • It's been forever since I've been on this board but wanted to share my experience...I have a Prothrombin gene mutation and I had a clot prior to getting pregnant.  I'm on anticoagulants all the time but in pregnancy, they switched me to Lovenox injections and then at 36 weeks I switched to Heparin injections as it can be reversed much easier for delivery.  I was also induced at 39 weeks due to the risk of still birth but I'm going to ask with our next pregnancy if I could go on my own since I'd be anti coagulated. 

    Good luck!  It is pretty vague and some docs are really all about and some are so blase about it.  I had a perinatologist that specializes her research in blood clotting disorders but my regular OB was really kind of a jerk about it all. 

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  • i know its been a while, but just wanted to thank everyone for their replies since ive last been on here...

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