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2nd Trimester

Zero weight gain at 17 weeks.

So I am 17 weeks today, and I just read that at this time I should have gained about 5-10 pounds.  I went to the doctors about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I had lost two pounds.  That was explainable because I had been so sick, but she said that by my next appt. which is in a week and a half that I need to have gained a few pounds and I still haven't!  I've been eating...a lot, and only been sick about once a week, so I'm not sure what's going on.  I'm getting worried that I'm not putting on enough weight and that the baby isn't getting proper nutrition.  I also started this pregnancy at a healthy weight, so it's not like i can stand to not really gain much.  Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone has advice?  I've also started showing some, which i love, but I'm confused how that is happening when I haven't gained a pound!

Re: Zero weight gain at 17 weeks.

  • don't worry. I'm 25 weeks and haven't gained weight yet. I weigh less now than I did when I started. You will probably pick up weight later in the pregnancy. Docs don't seem to worry too much about it as long as you do eat frequently and you take your prenatals. And, other women in the same situation told me that by the time month 8 or 9 swing around, they picked up weight furiously. So, I figure you get it now, or you get it later. And frankly, since it's summer time, better to get that weight (and heat) LATER!

    Meanwhile, you can always increase your nut butter intake and eat more fatty fish/meats/whole grains. My doc did tell me that eating primarily fruit and veggies was great, but to make sure I get some fat. So I've upped my milk intake.

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  • I lost 20 pounds in my first trimester, I have gained about 7 of those back but its coming on SLOWLY. 
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  • I'm 18 weeks and I haven't gained either. I am actually glad because I know the baby is fine and this way I will have less to loose after he is born. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Atleast you aren't loosing weight at this point, it will probably come on later.
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  • With my first pregnancy, I didn't gain a pound until 22 weeks. Your body responds to pregnancy differently. So long as you're eating the proper amount of calories per day, your baby is fine.
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  • I am 14 weeks and have not gained either. I am overweight to begin with so I have plenty to start with, but I still should have gained about 5 lbs. My Dr is not worried. At my appointment yesterday when I asked she said, "Oh don't worry, it will come soon enough"

    Although I do follow a blog of a normal weight woman who only gained 3 lbs with her perfectly healthy twins.

    I guess every body is different. Some women gain a lot and some don't. Our bodies know what to do.  

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  • Don't worry your baby is getting what it needs.  I'm a little behind you, but I have yet to gain a pound.
  • I just started putting on weight about six weeks ago. So far, I've gained about eleven pounds and that fluctuates all the time. According to what I've read, I should be closer to twenty pounds gained by now. 

    If your doctor isn't happy about your weight gain, I believe she will give you pointers on what to eat to help you gain weight. Until then, I wouldn't worry about it. Also, baby is getting everything he or she needs even though you haven't gained weight. A friend of my mom's is a retired nurse and she said the baby gets all the nutrients from food first. Then, the rest goes to the mother. I'm sure baby is fine!

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  • albjagalbjag member

    If your doc isn't concerned then don't be worried

    I am 24 wks and have gained 2 lbs.  I am didn't lose weight or have any morning sickness.   I was at a healthy prepregnancy weight too

    My MFM isn't concerned- the baby is healthy, I am eating healthy and often.  In fact, that's probably why I haven't gained much b/c  I am eating way more healthy since I have GD

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  • It is completely normal so don't worry.  The first several months are filled with morning sickness and I don't know how anyone would gain weight. Most of the weight will add up the last months of your pregnancy.  I wouldn't worry, just eat healthy and drink tons of water.

  • I haven't gained anything either at 20 weeks, but my doctor wasn't worried at all because baby is growing perfectly as seen on my a/s sono last week. Plus being over weight to begin with they only wanted me to gain 20 lbs total...As long as baby is growing I wouldn't be concerned. 
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  • At my 16wks apt I was still down 5lbs.  I didn't start to gain with either DS until after 20wks.  Then I piled on 50lbs with DS1 and 30lbs with DS2.  Don't worry, the weight will come...
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  • As long as baby is healthy I wouldn't worry too much. I'm 22 weeks today and have only gained 2 lbs after first losing 15. It sounds really scary but I have some health conditions that caused it and baby is measuring ahead. It's true when they say that they baby will find a way to get the nutrition it needs.

    One of the things I started doing is drinking 2% instead of skim milk, for breakfast or any time I feel I should eat but don't want an entire meal I'll have either peanut butter toast or PB&J. Sometimes just increasing the calories in foods you already eat that are healthy is enough to help.

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  • Im 16 weeks and have lost 13lbs and havnt gained any of it back. I go to the sr tomorrow, so I'll see what they say. I've started drinking those instant breakfast things to get some extra calories but it's not really helping. 
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  • I lost 9lbs in the first tri. I didn't gain any of it back till 18 weeks when I went back to my pre-pg wait. Then 3 weeks later at my next appt I gained 6lbs. So I am only up 6lbs at 22 weeks and I am carrying twins. My OB hasn't said much but that he's happy I'm gaining.


  • I can understand your worry. Last time (and this time, unfortunately) I had HG, lost weight into the 2nd tri before it stablized. I was well into 2nd tri before I started gaining and, I think especially since I was borderline underweight BMI to start and was measuring behind, she was worried. You just have to do your best and trust that your body will take care of baby.  Can she refer your to a nutritionist for some tips? I foudn that moderately helpful last time. Obviously you want to eat healthy things for nutrients but, in addition, you can feel free to indulge in some not so healthy things. I swear daily donuts and ice cream were the only things that helped me gain weight last time once I was able to eat.  If you keep working at it, it will come eventually. I ended up at a net +22 last time despite my troubles.  Good luck!
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  • If your doc is not worried, you shouldn't be either.  I had an OB appointment at 18w5d and still had not gained a pound (didn't lose any either).  I went in on Monday at 22w4d and gained 7 pounds.  The "timeline" of gaining weight during pregnancy is pretty ridiculous to me...every pregnancy/every woman is different. Again, if doc's not worried, don't be worried.
  • I just now put on my pounds around 27 weeks. You will be alright as long as your eating healthy and taking your prenatals you should be fine. I didn't gain any weight in the 1st tri. I didn't start gaining til the 3rd tri and my doctor was concerned about it.
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  • Like all PP said, it will come!  Ohh, just wait!  Yours will most likely just come on later, and much faster in higher increments.  Some people's weight gain is spread more evenly, but it really depends b/c everyone's body responds to pregnancy differently!

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  • I am 26 weeks and I just now broke even from my weight loss in the first trimester. 
  • I lost 7 pounds in the first trimester, and have stayed steady since. My midwife didn't seem concerned.
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