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Baby wearing and strollers

I intend on babywearing...a lot. My MIL knows this but ended up buying a really nice traveler system, anyway. I know the carseat will get used- I just don't know about the stroller. It's really neat but I feel kind of bad that she bought such an expensive gift that I know I won't use a whole lot. I was just curious how much those of you that babywear often actually use a stroller (or if you even have one). Thanks.

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Re: Baby wearing and strollers

  • We registered for a travel system thinking we'd use the stroller a ton (didn't really know about or plan to baby wear a whole lot).  Well to be honest even without having carriers, we only used the stroller a handful of times before DD's first birthday.  We've used it a ton since though.  Especially since I'm not comfortable wearing DD while pregnant.  So for us it has been worth it, just not right away.
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  • I definitely used a stroller. It was nice in the early months when baby was still small and sleeping a ton to be able to move the infant seat into the stroller when going somewhere. Waking up a newborn to take them out of a carseat and put them in a carrier wouldn't be too much fun.

    Other occasions we used strollers--when you're going somewhere hot babywearing is less fun. Also, if we're going somewhere like the aquarium which we'll be walking around for 3-4 hours, it's nice to have a place for the baby to go since while a good carrier is comfy, you do need a break sometimes.

    I definitely babywear more than using strollers, but I don't think a stroller is necessarily a bad thing to have either.

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  • I tried to use the stroller on long walks but DS hates it.  So it has been tried exactly twice and is now collecting dust.  But I'm hesitant to sell it in case he starts liking it at some point... maybe sell the expensive one and buy a cheap one just in case?

    But I babywear every day! :)

  • We got a stroller because after we had everything we wanted my grandmother (who is well off) offered to get us something. It was the only big ticket item we didn't have so we decided to get one. We did not get a travel system so didn't have the benefit of snapping the car seat in and out, which might have been nice with my son, my daughter wakes up whenever the car stops anyway.

    We have put our stroller in the car and taken it somewhere maybe half a dozen times since my son was born. 3 of those are since my daughter was born. With 2u2 it has been nice to take the stroller to the museum at times, so I can either put my daughter in there and play with my son more effectively or put my son in there when it's time to go so he stops getting distracted. Even so, we don't bring it every time.

    We did however use the stroller on a daily basis from about 6-18 months for my son. We walk the dog every day and he was getting heavy. We kept the stroller in the garage with the leash and it was easy enough to pop him in there and go. When running errands etc it's much easier to bring a carrier than the stroller.

    We don't intend to get a double stroller because of how infrequently we used the single. The toddler can walk with us when we walk the dog now and the baby gets the stroller. 

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  • We use both equally. I always have the Ergo or the RS in the bottom on the stroller for when he's sick of it and vice versa. O loves to be worn, but not all the time. Like another pp mentioned we used it a lot to transfer the carseat into if we didn't want to move him. 


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  • Thank you all for your input!

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  • erbearerbear member

    You never know.

    DD1 hated to be worn, so she was in the stroller a lot. DD2 hated the stroller, so she was worn all the time. Say thank you, try it out, and move on.

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  • We got a brand new BOB Revolution.  It's been used maybe 3 times since she was born, all 3 times to hold stuff and not the actual baby! I went to Disney alone with her and just a carrier, no stroller. Same with Universal.  Flew cross country with just carriers, didn't even bring a stroller.  To be quite honest, I don't know why we have it!  I'm thinking of all the wraps I can buy if I sold it!
  • I wore my son a fair amount with a variety of carriers, but have definitely used my stroller a lot, too. We walk fairly long distances and at a certain point, they are so darn heavy. 
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  • I own one, but it's in storage. There has been a time or two that I've thought a stroller would be easier, but eh. It was a passing thought and not a nagging one.
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  • I babywore a lot until DD turned 2, but also used the stroller about 50% of the time.  We go on a LOT of long outside walks as a family, therefore used the stroller a lot.  I would use the Ergo more for grocery shopping, large events and festivals where I didn't want to push a stroller in a crowded place, or for smaller things like family gatherings where I just wanted to be hands-free.  I plan to babywear even more with this new baby, but am still planning on using my 3 strollers a lot.  I love having the option of both, honestly.  Even when the baby is in the stroller, I always will have a carrier in the basket of the stroller.
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  • I love babywearing but I also use the stroller quite a bit.  When I was pregnant I used to think how silly it was for people to use a stroller because they are so big and bulky and it was so much easier to just wear your baby.  Well, let me tell you.  When my DD (who is not a good napper) falls asleep in her carseat there is no way I am waking her up to wear her.  It is so much easier to just pop the carseat into the stroller with her sleeping.  I don't know if it will change once she gets older but I use the stroller quite a bit for outings because of this.  I usually also have a carrier with me when we are out because once she wakes up she wants out of the stroller.  Like the other day we were at the mall and I had her in the stroller for a good hour and a half because she was sleeping.  When she woke up I wore her in the Moby and used the stroller to put all my shopping bags.

    I find that I use the baby carriers more for walks around the neighborhood.  

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  • We did use a stroller but not the travel system (even though we had one).  At about 6 months we bought a Quinny Zapp and have used that when we need a stroller, including at Disney World.  It's a nice alternative - part umbrella with a really small fold but nice handling and a great canopy.  I personally hated our travel system (the Chicco Trevi + Chicco Key Fit carseat) but I think a good second stage stroller has a lot of value even if you plan to babywear (and we babywear a lot).
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  • We have a stroller (though not a travel system), but I definitely babywear more.  Part of the reason is because my kid HATED the stroller until recently.  Would scream his head off if he was in it.

    However, the stroller was nice to have when going clothing shopping since they frown upon you hanging your baby from the dressing room doors when you're trying on clothing!  And we do like having it for going on walks on the nearby trail.    It's also PERFECT for pool time.  When we go to the pool he can sit in there and read/play and take a nap and he's shaded by the canopy.

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  • We use both.  I prefer to wear her most of the time, but DH loves having the carseat snapped into the stroller.  I use the stroller when I go to the mall.  I wouldn't be without either.
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  • We BW as a normal form of transport for DD. That being said we also have 3 strollers. I got a 3rd hand bugaboo frog when I was pregnant which now live in our basement and is used by my mum when she takes DD out and about while looking after her as she's not comfortable getting DD on her back in our carriers (she'll use them if I'm here to help her).

    When DD was little she hated to be too hot so in the summer when it was very warm (so in the 90's) she'd scream. We went on vacation when she was 4 months old and didn't want to take the bugaboo so my parents got us an umbrella stroller. We use that if we go on vacation where it's hot or if we're going clothes shopping (when we go to the states).

    We also have an OLD jogging stroller which I used to run with, I've since had an injury and haven't run in a month or so and have now found out that I'm pregnant with #2.

    So in the long and short of it it's always good to have the option if not just for you but for other caregivers. 

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  • I only liked my Ergo until DS was 1.  It was too heavy and he wanted to see more and more at that point.  We use our stroller quite a bit and plan to have more kids, so I am glad we bought a nice one.  I didn't get a travel system, so miss out on the ease of clicking in the car seat when they are newborns and not wearing them...but that's ok.  Always good to have a stroller just in case, I figure.  If you don't have the space, I would maybe say something...but if it can just be folded in your garage, you may get more use out of it than you think. 
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  • I'm glad I found this post. My husband and I have been wondering whether or not we need a stroller. I've thought it would just be more convenient to carry the baby. (And ok, maybe I was inspired by the movie Away We Go: "I LOVE my babies. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?") Babies need to be carried anyway, right? But I guess I don't see the harm in registering for a stroller. I'd like for it to be the kind that you can put the car seat in, but I also want a convertible car seat, and I don't know if they make strollers that are compatible with convertible car seats. Anyone know?
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