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3.5 years of TTC, and finally a BFP (ticker warning)

Hi ladies,

After 3+ years of TTC and dealing with PCOS, we finally got a BFP. Thank you to all the3T ladies present and over the past 3.5 years. You've been a great help and of great support whether it was a reply to a post, or as I lurked and learned.

This was our first cycle on Femara. I had an LH surge on Day 18 (Father's Day!)--haven't had one of those in years. POAS this past Thursday evening, and basically burst into tears. It's been exactly 3 years to the month since I last saw any hint of a positive line, and that ended sadly just a few days later.

Had a Dr confirmation yesterday and monitoring continues. Progesterone levels were all good leading up to the BFP.  Still super early as we are only 13 dpo, so hoping this is the sticky baby for us.

TIA ladies. 3T has always been there for me, and I am thinking of you all. <3


Off BCP 1/09 ~ TTC actively since 4/09 ~ Metformin 4/09 ~ BFP Father's Day 09 ~ Loss 6/09 ~ RE testing, HSG, and more: 10/09 ~ 2010: testing year while still TTC. SA for hubby good ~ 2011: Labs show no insulin issues once again, but started 4/11 Glucophage XR 750 mg for other PCOS symptoms. Took a break in second half of 2011 with meds due to career change, hoping for BFP naturally. ~ Began Met again 1/12, then ended due to nausea ~ 06/12: Lost weight, working out, on Femara. BFP on 6/28/12!
Beta #1 6/29: 56 Beta #2 7/9: 6,346
imageDiagnosed 2009, but kinda knew all along
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Re: 3.5 years of TTC, and finally a BFP (ticker warning)

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    Sony22Sony22 member


    FX, here's hoping for a sticky baby!

    Me 33. DH 32. TTC Since 6/2011. 12/2012-m/c, CP. DH: MFI. CCT/HSG/day 3 blood work-all nl. IVF#1 ER- 8/7/12, ET- 8/10. beta 8/25 neg, I did not respond as expected. AMH: 0.88. IVF#2 BCP-10/19. Micro flare Lupron-Nov: It's a bust. IVF#3 Planned for Feb '13 with a long lupron protocol ON OUR OWN!!! BFP- 1/12/13. Yay! EDD 9/18, now EDD 9/25
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    photo 46122502-649c-4d9b-a99e-dc22cf009d51_zpsf72c5124.jpg photo mason4_zps7f19f81c.jpg

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker TTC 07/2010, Dx with PCOS 11/2011, H's S/A= Perfect!!! HSG= both tubes clear!
    Round #6- 7.5mg Femara+ .5mg Dex+ 75iu Gonal-F+ hCG trigger+ IUI=BFP!!!
    Beta #1(14dpo)- 94 Beta#2(22dpo)- 1,619 Beta#3 (28dpo)- 11,396!!!

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    Congrats! Wishing you all the best!

    ~TTC#1 Since July 2011~ 
    Dx: Fibroids & Tubal Infertility
                                                        9/12 -IVF#1 =BFN; 5/14 -IVF#2=BFP:-) EDD 2.19.2015                                                

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    I take femara, too, and hope it works for me!!  Best of luck to you!!!
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    TTC since Nov 2010 | Me: 29, DH: 31 
    DX - Severe DOR, Stage II Endo
    6 rounds medicated TI, 3 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs
    After nearly 4 years of trying, our 1st BFP on IVF #3 (5R, 3M, 3F, 3 day 5 blasts frozen) 
    FET - Beta #1 - 116, Beta #2 - 266!! 1st U/S on 10/6 - HB 121 and measuring perfectly! EDD 5/30/15

    Everyone Welcome
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    Congrats, and best of luck to you!
    TTC since June, 2011 with anovulatory PCOS, 1 blocked tube, and mild MFI
    3rd cycles clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    4th cycles letrozole/Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
    IVF #1 = BFP! Twins due 2/5/2014
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    ksfryeksfrye member
    Happily married Since May 2008. TTC#1 Since May 2010.
    Me: 29, Mild DOR
    DH: 31, SE mostly normal, 1st SE morph 5%, 2nd SE morph 15%...yeah!.
    BFP July 2011, Natural MC August 2011.
    3 cycles of 50mg Clomid = BFN
    *New RE* Feb/Mar 2012 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    *3rd RE* April-June -Break Cycles begin prep for IVF by doing 2 Heparin injects fun!
    IVF #1 - ER 7/19, ET 7/24, 2 beautiful embies transferred. Beta 8/2 = BFN
    *New RE...yes again* FET Nov 2012 with our lone ranger = BFFN
    RE Suggests Trying IUI Again, Jan. 2013 IUI #2 =BFN
    Feb. 2013 IUI #3 = BFP!!!, Beta #1 (15dpIUI) = 90, Beta #2 (17dpIUI) = 210, U/S Scheduled for 3/18
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    Miscarriage in January 2012 at 8 weeks
    Subsequently diagnosed with low P4, LOR. MH DX low motility, varicocele 
    BFP in July 2012 (Gonal-f + trigger + IUI#2 (B2B) + prometrium)
    Lost Baby A prior to 7 weeks; large SCH; Baby B (Bug) was born in March 2013
    BFP June 2014; EDD February 19, 2015
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