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feeling a little bitter today...

Of the gazillion friends who were pregnant at the same time as us, all but one has had their baby.  I was (pretty much) fine with all of them.  The last is due within two weeks... and I'm NOT fine.  I'm not happy for them.  I don't ever want to see their baby.  I don't really ever want to see them.  I feel like this makes me a terrible friend and a miserable person for thinking this, but what bothers me more than that is that I really don't care if it does.  Unfortunately DH grew up with the dad and they are very close friends so I will have no choice but to continue to socialize with them.  We were the first of all our friends to get pregnant.  Now we'll be the last to bring home a baby.  Maybe it's just because these particular ones mark the end of this round of pregnancies?  I'm not sure.  What a life this is that we all lead....
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Re: feeling a little bitter today...

  • I feel the same way with my stepsister. She had her 3rd, her first girl, a month before my due date and I don't ever want to go visit my parents b/c then I'd have to see her and her DD. I feel so bad feeling like that. (((Hugs))) We all know how it is.
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  • I am so sorry you are feeling bad about how you feel.  I think sometimes you just have to feel it, even though it stinks and seems irrational.  I have some similar feelings toward people in my life too.  Big, huge ((hugs)).
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