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Two year old metrosexual

I just painted my nails (hands and feet) this screaming red color.  I needed something to cheer me up at work.  Michael watched me paint my toenails while he was in the bath and wanted his done too.  I was able to distract because he was wet and we can not paint toes when you are wet.  He found the bottle this morning by the bed.  He went to daycare with red toenails.  He is so proud of himself. 
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Re: Two year old metrosexual

  • LOL!

    Uh... but who painted his nails? HE found the bottle... but did he open it?


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    And yeah, I got a pedi while Big M was at school yesterday(blue polish, though) and he was fascinated. He announced that he wanted me to paint his toes too.

    Sadly, I had to tell him I wouldn't do that until he learned to stop biting his toenails Ick!

    Not so metro, my boy.

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  • GL with this....I have a 6 yo and found it difficult to find reason other than "boys don't..." or similar gender-based answer. 


  • too funny!
  • when my son was 2 he had his fingernails and toenails painted all the time!  He would watch me and his sister do ours and want his done too.  He grew out of it though.  The funniest time was when we went to the doctors and his nails were still blue!
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  • Many of the little boys at both of my kids schools end up with painted nails when the teachers do the girls.  Parents sign a permission slip at the beginning of the year and of the things you need to sign off on (or not sign off on) is getting your nails done.  One of my friends sons had on a bright green shade the last time I saw him - he is 5!!!
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  • My boys always want to put on make-up when I am doing it so I have some old powder and some lip balm I let them put on.  
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