Parenting after 35

Things I learned today

1.  Make sure the seal on the spillproof sippy is in place correctly or DD, her clothes, and the carpet will be wet.  Thank goodness it was only water.

2.  Keeping DD up all morning will result in a two hour and counting nap (Yay!).

3.  Job hunting is boring and frustrating, but at least I'm not the only one in this situation.

4.  After watching the first season of White Collar, I'm hooked.  

Re: Things I learned today

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    Things I learned today

    #1. I can spend a lot of  time on The Bump.

    #2. If I keep the pacifier in my pocket when we go grocery shopping, I can pop it in after the first two tantrums so that at least when we enter the store it muffles the screams. 

    #3. um, I can spend  even more time on The Bump. ..

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    I LOVE White Collar and can't wait for the next season to begin in a few weeks. And good luck with the job hunt! I hunted for nearly 2 years but it eventually paid off and I am really happy about where I landed.
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    I'm hoping Netflix will pick up season 3 soon so I can be all caught up for the new season.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I keep telling myself I will end up somewhere a lot better than where I was as long as I'm patient and keep trying.
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