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**About the new board**

We welcome new folks! However, to keep lurkers and creepers at a minimum, we are only accepting screen names we recognize. If you have registered with a different screen name than what you have posted with here, please let us know below. Also, please let us know if you are new or a current lurker here but would like to join the new board because we might not recognize your name.


Re: **About the new board**

  • another current lurker/seldom poster who just registered as jewels0413
  • Hi there-

     I'm new to this board, but I've been on TB for a while...I just registered for the new board.


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  • Hi! I just joined, can you approve me?


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  • Just joined as well, thanks!
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  • Hey Ladies, Can I join?
    I posted on TK and TN when we got married way back when, and was on the month boards when I was pregnant and occasionally on the DC boards...and then life got busy. But I want to come back! I just registered as DrMommyMary...can I come play? please:)
  • I am a long-time lurker and I would love to join you at the new board.  I just registered as lonestardawn.
  • I'm moving to DC in a couple months and would love to be a part of the new board! Please let me know what I need to do so that I can be added.
  • I am a lurker on here and would like access to your new board since this one is dead, but I don't see a link for registration anywhere?
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