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Car accident scare today!

Someone hit me from behind today while I was driving to work!! My airbags deployed from the impact.  When the police asked if I wanted an aid car I just said yes.  

It's our first baby and we just found out a few days ago- I was so scared something would happen.  The ER checked me out physicially and everything seemed to be ok. 

I'm praying everything will be alright when I go in at the end of the month for my 1st ultrasound.  

Anyone else ever had a scare like this?


Re: Car accident scare today!

  • That sounds scary!  I don't have any personal experience with this, but something similar happened to a girl I used to work with and everything turned out to be OK.  I hope the same is true for you!
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  • How scary. I'm glad you are ok. We were in a pretty bad accident a few years ago during the 2WW and it was pretty scary. Turns out I was not pregnant so there was nothing to worry about but it was really really scary.


    How far along are you? Have you followed up with your own doctor?

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  • How scary!  I'm glad you went to get checked out right away.  We had a small fender-bender when I was about 4 months pregnant.  Our airbags didn't deploy, but I still went straight to my midwife that afternoon.  So happy to hear that everything is okay for you as well!
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  • How scary - hope everything is ok!
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    When I was pregnant with my DS, we were involved in a pretty nasty wreck at 14weeks. DS was fine, and that day I found out he was a boy!

    Baby is super protected in there, especially this early. I hope you're feeling okay!

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  • Thanks for all your thoughts!   =)

     I'll follow up with my OB at my first visit the end of this month and we'll see how things go.  So far no bleeding or any problems like that. 

     Just a little bruising on my arms and a little sore neck this morning.  


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