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Baby throwing up tylenol

Has anybody ever delt with a baby who throws up medicine? I mean the entire contents of her stomach all over the palce. First let me say I'm not one who jumps to medicine for every little thing. But I'm really thinking she is teething and the last two nights she has really been crying out like she is in pain. I decided to try to get her some tylenol becasue I felt IF that is what it is and I am letting her suffer I'd feel horrible. I've given it to her one other time after shots and she threw it up right away then too. Also the berry flavored gas drops she threw up. So I get CVS brand without any flavor and put in her bottles. It may very well be silent relux too. I'm going to ask about this at our next appt. coming up. Geez I hope she doesn't need it then for a sickness because she won't keep it down. Has anyone else experienced this? She gags pretty easy too.
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Re: Baby throwing up tylenol

  • Is she old enough for baby Advil?  For teething instead of using medicines like that maybe try the gels that you can rub right on her gums, or the Hyland's teething tablets.  The FDA recommends against anything with benzocaine but you can find a lot of products without it (even Orajel makes a natural product without it).  Has she been drooling excessively?  Do you feel anything when you rub her gums?  My girls have been drooling a ton so I'm wondering if they're starting to teeth, but we still don't feel anything on their gums.
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  • mcleremclere member
    I'm not sure,she will be 15 weeks Thursday. The orjaels don't work longer than like 10min minutes. And it can numb their tonges and swallow it. Well she has been putting everything insight into her mouth exspecially those hands. Seems like she only drools when she is eating on her hands. If she is just sitting like on my lap she doesn't just have drool dripping out of her mouth. I was rubbing her gums yesterday (she LOVED it) but didn't FEEL anything per say. But I'd say she's keeps her hands in her mouth basically the entire time she is awake. lol She also keeps gagging herself...smh. It's hard to know if she is just doing what babies do or actually teething.
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  • The numbing of the tongue/chance of choking thing is a hazard of the benzocaine, which is why the FDA recommends against it.  But natural versions of the Orajel and some other brands don't have it, so you could try those.  I know it's only a temporary relief, but if she's throwing up Tylenol it's something.  My girls do the same thing, they just drool when they suck on their hands.  Some days their shirts will be soaked, other days they'll have no drool on them at all.
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  • Is your daughter still doing this? My daughter turned one last month and we seem to struggle with taking Tylenol. She had a prescription for an ear infection that she didn't have an issue taking but last night I gave her some Tylenol for teething and she threw up everything. 
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  • Tyelnol suppositories are great !!! I'd use those, they seem to be more effective in my experience anyways best of luck
  • I don't know what to tell you about the throwing up, but I'd suggest trying hylan'ds teething tablets. My daughter is cutting a tooth right now and she has been screaming all day. I gave her the teething tablets and they helped immensely. I don't even give her a full dose because I don't want her having too much. Haha. 
    Also, freeze a soft washcloth and rub it on her gums. Teething sucks and I'm sure it is even worse with throwing everything up. I hope it gets easier soon :)

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    @mclere You might try using some essential oils to soothe instead of medication. You could rub some lavender oil on the bottoms of baby's feet. And there are no side effects which is a great perk, if she has sensitive skin I would suggest diluting it a little. 
  • Suppository time ;)
  • BoyOhBoysBoyOhBoys member
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    My 16 week old doesn't take meds well either. He had croup a few weeks ago and it was a NIGHTMARE! He pukes instantly and it comes out his nose and causes a nose bleed.

    The only thing that works is giving a half dose in the skinniest dropper I can find (not a syringe) put as far back of the cheek as possible, squirt the meds and then blow in his face a few times. All as quickly as possible. Then if he keeps the half dose down for 15 min, I give the other half the same way. 


  • Put it in the cheek before a meal and blow on his face right after. Also the syringe style is better than a dropper. Make sure he is sitting up in someone's lap. It is a two person job in our house.
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