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First Time Dads-What would be the best Father's Day gift?

Hi guys!  Sorry to invade your space but I just cannot seem to figure out what would be a good gift to give my husband for his first father's day.  He is a construction worker and is gone most weeks and bounces between hotels.  (Thus, something that would sit on a desk or in his wallet would not work).


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!!!!!

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Re: First Time Dads-What would be the best Father's Day gift?

  • A good book to read during his nights when he is in a hotel...

    You could also get him a laptop (if you really love him). With a new laptop he could skype with you and the baby while he is away, watch dvds, and play video games.

    But honestly I don't know that you need to do anything too crazy for him, other than a nice meal.... unless you actually love him... then a laptop.

  • Haha!  I should have specified I'm not looking to spend a lot of money. Just something meaningful that he can actually enjoy/use.
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  • imageDawson24:



    yes this. please get me beer cause i cant just go get this when i want.  

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