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How long were you TTC before getting pregnant?


Re: How long were you TTC before getting pregnant?

  • We were trying for about a year before it actually happened!
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  • 23 months for us. I guess it isn't surprising given DH's history with testicular cancer and my PCOS, but I had *hoped* we'd be the exception. In January, I finally made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist. After making sure my tubes we clear and checking my hormone levels, we went straight to clomid and IUI. I'm so happy the first IUI worked!
  • 3 months with DS and 2 months with this one.
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  • We did our fertility workup from 9/10-11/10 and then got married in 5/11.  We started actively trying with fertility treatments in 6/11 and got pregnant in 2/12.


    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
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  • 18 months.  We were setting up appointments for out 1st IVF when I got a BFP!
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  • Off the pill in October '11, got pregnant in November '11, miscarried in January '12, got pregnant in February '12....3.5weeks after I miscarried.

    I guess I'm fertile?

  • We did IVF to conceive DS and this LO.  This time around it took us a total of 18 months which included 6 months trying on our own, 2 failed IUI's, 1 canceled IVF cycle and 1 failed IVF cycle.  I am so thankful to have gotten pregnant again and don't take any of it for granted. 
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  • We were "not preventing" for about 1 year.  I had stopped worrying about getting pregnant and then it happened... so about maybe 1 year.
  • As with OP I have had multiple surgeries. I have had two surgeries for endometriosis and two surgeries for overian cysts. I also had a fracture in my spine that damaged my nerves that run to my reproductive organs. Prior to my second surgery my OB sent me to an RE as they were highly concerned about my fertility. They said I would have to try for 3 months before they could prescribe colmid, but at a minimum I would need that.

    They did the 2nd surgery and then I went on meds to put me in a false menopause for 6 months. As soon as I came off the meds I immidately started having pain. I sought care by accupuncture and she started a three month regiment to relieve the endometriosis. She said it was statistically impossible to get pregnant while doing it, but to chart so when we began fertility treatment in month 4, we would know when. I got pregnant during the final month of endo treatment with my son. With this one we were TTA. I am so thankful it was not the journey by OB and RE assumed it would be. I have watched my BFF struggle with IF for the past 3 years.




  • We were not trying (but not taking any steps to prevent either).  I was still nursing and had not resumed my cycle so I wasn't worried about getting pregnant again so soon. 
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  • I have very irregular periods, going months without one, so when we started trying I was fully prepared for it to take a year at least. With DD we got pregnant the first month we tried and I was blown away that it was even possible to have to good timing! We started trying in Nov 2011 and again got pregnant the first month! That ended in a blighted ovum in Jan. My best friend was having her second baby via c section the day before my little Rose's second bday, so she and I flew down to help her out. We came back twelve days later on Feb 18th ( the ONLY day DH and I had sex the entire month!) Four weeks later I got a BFP! I absolutely baffles me! I feel so extremely blessed :D
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    We tried for just over nine years, and were told it would be very difficult to ever conceive.  Finally, about a year ago, we gave up and accepted that we were going to be child free.  I'm sure you can imagine our surprise in March when I started getting queasy for no reason, and took a home test on a whim.
  • caetdcaetd
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    DD was a complete surprise. Started trying again in August. Found out pregnant with our angel baby in Nov 2011 and mc'ed later that month. Started trying again Jan 2012 and found out pregnant with this LO in Feb 2012.
    BFP #1 12/18/08 DD born 8/28/09 BFP#2 Due 7/17/12 MC 11/15/11 at 5 weeks..We have an Angel looking over us. BFP#3 2/27/12 EDD 11/4/12 Beta #1 @ 12dpo 51.2 Beta #2 @ 14dpo 150.4 1st US with HR of 144. Lilypie Third Birthday tickers BabyFruit Ticker
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    We were trying for about two and a half years.  Got pg on cycle #5 and cycle #10 (early m/c's both times).  Then nothing the rest of the time.  Our first cycle with the RE, we went straight to IUI with clomid, follistim, and HCG trigger.  We consider ourselves lucky that the first IUI worked!
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  • 1st baby, 1st try (Sept 2010)

    2nd baby, 2nd try (Nov 2012)

    I have a lot of heath problems and had to go off meds before getting pregnant to avoid birth defects. Both times I was able to track my periods in the med reduction phases so I had a good idea when was a good time. (Turns out I'm 33-35 not 29 day cycle.)

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  • I got pregnant on my 2nd IUI. I had been trying a little over a year.

    Me: 36 DH: 33  DD:2

    PCOS diagnosis February, 2011
    Clomid - 50 mg + Met June & July 2011 - BFN
    Clomid - 100 mg + Met September 2011 - BFN
    Clomid - 150 mg + Met Oct & Nov 2011 - +OPK - BFN
    HSG - clear S/A - normal
    IUI #1 - Clomid 150 mg/Ovidrel/Met - February, 2012 - BFN
    IUI #2 - Clomid 150 mg/Ovidrel/Met - March, 2012 - BFP!!!  EDD 11/29/12

    Daughter born on 11/6/12


    TTC #2 since 5/14

    9/14 - D&C / Hysteroscopy

    11/14 - Met / Clomid 100 mg - BFN

    12/14 - Met / Clomid 100 mg / Ovidrel / Acupuncture - BFN

    1/15 - Met / Clomid 100 mg / Ovidrel - IUI #1 - ???

  • We tried for 9 months. We made an appointment to discuss fertility issues/options for April 18 of this year. Just so happens that was the date that we heard LO's heartbeat! The second I stopped worrying , BAM!
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  • DD was a BIG surprise. (But what a perfect surprise she is still today)

    And it took 4 months with this little bundle of joy.

    I was starting to get worried after the first 3 months, but I am so very thankful we were able to get pregnant the 4th time. Something I definitely do not take for granted.  

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