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Favorite places.....

I'm looking forward to my LO arriving any day now and have started things about all the fun things to do in Cincinnati with a kid. I can think of all the "normal" places but I'm trying to think of awesome, kid friendly places that are more off the radar. Here are the ones that instantly came to mind. Please add your own to the list...

Cincinnati Zoo

Museum Centre (at Union Terminal)

Newport Aquarium

Enter"train"ment Junction 

Winton Woods, Parky's Farm 

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Re: Favorite places.....

  • Sharon woods (water park), Barnes & Noble (train table and Legos). There's a lot of places I would suggest for older kids. But infants, I lived at the CFEC (, we also enjoyed just walking around nice parks and malls. I recommend an Ergo or other baby carrier, unless you're lucky and you kid likes the stroller a whole lot more than mine did. We started Music Together classes at about 9 months old.
  • Depending on your area of town: Sharky's Eats & Treats in Alexandria, Totter Otterville, Lunken Airport- Land of Make Believe play area, Krohns Conservatory, Cincy Art Museum (does free stuff for kids in the summer), Local Library story hours/craft hours, Glenwood Gardens (also has some kids stuff in the summer), Creation Museum (they do a really cool live nativity scene during Christmas that is free)....those are a few that we have done but most of these are things that wouldnt be interesting for kids under 2 (a few would be though!)
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  • My kids are a little older, but we like Jump & Jacks, Reds games, Sharon Woods playground and splashpad, the Lebanon Railroad, The Cone (for ice cream in the summer), the Loveland Bike Trail and the zoo.  I've also heard good things about the Cincinnati Nature Center playscape, but we haven't been yet.  It's on the list for this summer.

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  • Thought of a few more.  Woodland Mound has a nice park and splashpad.  We also went to Sawyer Point for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed their park and surrounding areas.  We've never been but I've heard a lot of recommendations for the Duke Energy Christmas train display.  Totters Otterville is very cute, just too far from our house for us to go often.  Wee Wednesdays at the Art Museum.  My older one enjoys Fort Liberty Playground. 
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  • Have you heard of hulafrog? Its a new local website for all things to do with kids, babies, events, parties, discounts, parades, and more! You can get deals to local biz, click on a day and find out what is going on all over Cincy! Love this site.... They have lots listed and it keeps growing...

    With my little on we do recreations outlet in Milford. They have open play times and you can swing, jump and have fun for free. Or you can pay... Great place during winter when the kids need to get energy out.

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