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When did your LO sit up on their own?

My girls were 7 weeks early and are a little over 5 months old. I was just wondering when your Preemie was sitting on their own by and how early they were?


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Re: When did your LO sit up on their own?

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    It seemed like f o r e v e r, but it was really around 8-9 months.  My twins were born @ 32w.
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  • With DD#1 I think she was 7 months old. She was 6.5 weeks early born at 33w 4d.



  • My DD has just started to be able to sit up on her own for short periods of time and she is 7 months actual/5 adjusted.

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  • Just in the last month they really started being able to do for long enough periods of time without falling over.  So I'd say about 7 months adjusted.
  • LO was a 32 weeker and sat unassisted at exactly 7 months actual
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  • unassisted? 6-7 mo (35w).  Push to sitting? 8 and 9.5 mo.
  • 7 months actual, 4.5 adjusted (29 weeker). It was much earlier than we thought it would be, so far his gross motor milestones have been early like this, but other stuff aligns more with adjusted age. They are all so different with this milestone stuff!
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  • Six months- my guys were born at 34w 3d. 

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