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telling more people......

i keep telling people! i'm SO bad at secrets and totally can't lie! 

i've only told our family and now 3 friends...all of which i would want to know if anything happened anyway!

but i'm just bursting to tell people! i don't know how i'm going to wait until 12 weeks!!! 7 more weeks to go.............. 

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Re: telling more people......

  • We are excited to tell as well. For me, its been pretty easy to keep the secret because we haven't told family yet and really want them to hear it from us. I'm sure after family knows, we'll be spilling the beans all over the place though.
  • Same here! Our family, my boss & a small handful of our friends already know... it's just such exciting news, hard to keep to myself!
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  • Haha, I know the feeling. I've been good about keeping it a secret, but there are a couple of people that end up figuring it out and I end up confirming with them. And even one friend that texted and said she had a dream I was pregnant. She new we were trying and was sending baby dust my direction. But I told her she was right and that I was pregnant... sometims you just can't help it :)
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  • I know what you mean.

    I had a pretty funny slip-up yesterday. A friend of mine who is TTC texted me to ask me what ovulation app I used. I responded FF, and then also said "I also used ovulation predictor tests that work well"... to which she responded "are you pregnant??"

    Totally meant to say that OPKs work in that they help pinpoint your O day, not that they help you get pregnant! But I can see how she interpreted my statement saying that "work well"= I'm pregnant. So, cat got out of the bag on that one!

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  • DH has been telling lots of people!  Sweet that he is excited though.  I want to wait to tell everyone until after our US on June 12th though.
  • We told our families right away at about 4 weeks.

    We told our friends yesterday after we saw the heartbeat, 8 weeks. My doctor told us that because of our health history we have a very, very slight chance of anything happening to this little one. If something happens, I feel like it's a natural (horrible) part of pregnancy - I figure there is a chance something could go wrong until even after the baby is born so I'd rather our friends know starting with us seeing/hearing the heartbeat.

    I'm never posting on Facebook because while I enjoyed telling our close friends I'm sort of a private person so I don't want everyone I've ever known knowing!  


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    My DH has told so many more people than me!  He said the other day he can't wait to just tell everyone and is trying to convince me to just spill it.  I'm just too nervous still!!

    My immediate family and a couple of my BFF's know, but otherwise that's all I've told.  Planning on telling other family and friends around week 12.  Facebook, who knows when/if I'll make that announcement.

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  • All our close family knows but I want to wait to tell friends until after 1st tri; DH on the other hand... I have my first U/S on the 30th and he wants to have a big BBQ party next saturday to tell everyone; that will not happen!
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  • Eh, we've already told everyone. I personally don't see the point in waiting.
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  •  I totally want to tell, but I also want that moment to be special, and I keep thinking, that once we tell, we won't get that chance again.  I even waited a day and a half to tell DH!  He was out of town when I found out, so I waited for him to get home, then later that night, we went out to dinner and I game hime a present with a few onsies (a Dodger one, a Star Trek on, and a Just Arrived one) and not the said, "yep, we did it, I'm pregnant."

    I was a really special moment for us.  Now, we want to do something special for our families who know we'd been struggling.  

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  • I've only told my best friend, she could tell and she just flat out asked me...which is why I love her! DH and I will probably tell our parents this weekend and the rest of the world after 1st tri.

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  • We love to share this sort of news in person. We're going to be making a trip to the UK in June. DH has a lot of family there. Unfortunately, his parents are blabber mouths, they will tell the second we tell them. They can't help it. So we're forced to not tell his parents until right before we leave for the UK so we have a fighting chance of telling some people ourselves. Only problem is that DH doesn't want to tell too many other people because he feels guilty not having told his parents.

    Rock. Me. Hard Place.  /sigh.

  • I suck at keeping secrets.  The first day I thought I was okay with not telling people, but now, every time I talk to a family member, it seems like *something* comes up that my being pregnant right now relates to.   Example - I called my brother after my first doc appt on Monday, when I was driving past a deli he still goes to a lot, to ask him if they serve breakfast because I was in that area.  He asked why I wasn't at work.  I told him a doc appt and when he asked for what, I just HAD to tell him "because I'm pregnant..."

    It seems like every time I talk to a family member or close friend, something like that happens/comes up.  I'm bursting to tell people, but at the same time I'd like to wait until we have a heartbeat or at least our next beta in... plus I'd really love to do some kind of cute announcement.  But at this rate none of that is happening and I've only known for 3 days!

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