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D&C Recovery Question

I am experiencing the strangest thing right now, I had a D&C just this morning and they gave me some drug that reduces secretions (ie saliva for breathing tube) and consequently I can't seem to produce tears.

What I'm concerned about isn't that I can't cry but that I feel dead inside. 2 days ago when I found out that I miscarried (still need to remove ticker btw) I was a wreck and I'm the type of person that can cry and cry and cry when I need to.

I was wondering if anyone else has felt this way - I don't feel emotional pain at all. I haven't taken anything else I swear... I'm just so confused why I don't feel like crying and why my heart doesn't feel like it is breaking like it was 2 days ago.

I really would enjoy to hear other experiences, especially if you've felt this before. And if so, when did you get back to normal?

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Re: D&C Recovery Question

  • I think you are in shock. The reality of it all may set in in a few days. Try not to worry too much about what you are feeling in the moment, just allow yourself to feel whatever you need to. The grief will come. Allow yourself these brief moments of respite, even if you just feel numb. It's okay.
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