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City Mini Double vs. Mountain Buggy Duet

Hi everyone-

It seems that most people really like the City Mini Double. I'm trying to decide between that and the Mountain Buggy Duet. Overall on Amazon the City Mini had better reviews, but the mountain buggy is 4" narrower (supposed to be the same as a single stroller). Does anyone have any advice as to which direction to go?

Also, if you have used the city mini, did you also have a tandem stroller for shopping/running errands as opposed to outdoor outings? I'd like to just buy a side-by-side but I'm not sure if that's realistic or not.

 If you have any other recommendations I'd love to hear them! Thanks!

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Re: City Mini Double vs. Mountain Buggy Duet

  • We have the city mini single for DD and LOVE it!  I can't speak to the double, but I was devastated to see that it can;t take 2 car seats.  We did go to buy buy baby one day with DD (who is 3 and TINY, 25 lbs) to check out strollers and they had the mountain buggy double.

    One thing I loved about the city mini was that we used it from birth (with car seat adapter) and still use it and DD is still super happy and comfy in it.  We put her in the mountain buggy and she did NOT fit at all!  It looks great for infants but I can;t see using it at 2 or 3, especially if you have regular size or big kids.  She was squished and looked really uncomfortable, even in the stroller by herself. 

    I would love to see what moms with "outside" multiples think of it though, was our experience common?

    In terms of  other strollers I did debate the Stroll Air but I found a graco duo on craig's list for $40 and I will use that as a snap and go and then deal with strollers.  I hate the regular snap and gos, and for $40 this seemed good to me.  I also wanted a side by side, but for infant seats this seemed easier, for the beginning, hopefully.  So I assume we will get the city mini double, eventually.


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  • I am probably going to get the DSNG and then the city mini double. I have read about the mountain buggy duet and I think it would be too narrow at some point.Have you checked the reviews on tend to be good about showing the pros and cons about the different strollers.
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  • The mountain buggy is much newer - so less reviews from actual moms who own it.  I think it sounds great- but probably wouldn't have been so great for my boys b/c Gibby was/is very wide - I just don't see how a double that thin would be comfy for him.

    for me- i use a SBS when doing things outside - long walks, zoo, etc- and I want it to be all-terrain with large tires.... for indoor stuff I prefer a tandem - at least where i live I know for a fact it's impossible to get around inside many stores, doc offices, etc- if using a SBS, even a thinner one... I have made the mistake --- and only bring my tandem inside to stores/doc office, etc.

    I rented a City Mini in Disney and LOVED it - but it just wouldn't have had a  great purpose in my regular life at home...  b/c again, to me, using a SBS means needing all terrain.

    As far as taking 2 infant seats - I don't ever see a need for that with a SbS stroller- since all SBS's are fairly big, fairly heavy... and when i'm using the infant seats I wanted something fast and light - so a DSNG frame is the best (or if you have a BJC Select, the frame for that).  I never once felt the need to put 2 infant seats into a SBS... when I used my SBS's it was always for longer times - and I did not want them in their infant seats that long.


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