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Groin Pain?

I have recently discovered groin/muscle aches on my left hip area. I'm 6 w/6 days preggo's. Does anyone else have this?

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Re: Groin Pain?

  • Check out "SPD" on Babycenter- its awful Ive been suffering with it since 16 weeks. Its worse sleeping and turning in bed. GL!
  • I got it with my first and it reappeared for my second....I told the doctor, she ruled out hernia and identified it as varicose vein (who knew you could get it there too). It immediately feels better after birth.

    PS You will probably need to support hose. 

  • I had SPD when I was pregnant it was very painful!  My doctor sent be to physical therapy to keep it under control. I hope you feel better!
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  • I had the same thing very early like 5 weeks in my pregnancy. Also happened when I coughed and laughed too hard. I talked to my doc and she said it is ligament pain. The stretching of the uterus. Look up round ligament pain. Usually happens when you get larger but some people, like us can get it whenever. I still get it if I get up too fast or cough while lying flat.
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