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*Cute lunch check-in*

I tried to branch out and use boxes of different shapes this week. DD prefers sandwiches these days, and we're loving the berries and clementines right now (plus we buy in bulk), so there's not much variety there.

My favorite - police car! The "lights" are picks from Party City, with a little girl pick driver. Chicken salad sandwich topped with Havarti cheese, with strawberries, blueberries, clementines, dried apricots, cashews and raisins. I think the problem with this lunch is that it was really busy on the top half and fairly blank on the bottom half. Oh well! This was packed in a Tupperware sandwich keeper.

Pigs! DD's new favorite sandwich is chicken salad, so this is a chicken salad pigwich with berries, clementines, and a little pig container with cashews.

Ocean! Chicken salad sandwich with blueberry ocean, clementines, a chocolate egg, a few ocean-themed picks, strawberries, sliced celery and a little container of peanut butter. My DD still gags on celery, so cutting it into thin strips is the only way she can eat it (and boy does she love celery! She ate two whole stalks!).

Lion lunch in less than five minutes! I used a Lunch Punch puzzle cutter for the PB and honey sandwich, tossed in some blueberries, strawberries, a clementine, two chocolate eggs and a few cute picks.

You'll have to take my word that this lunch was much cuter closed than open! The main box is a metal Tinkerbell pencil container, and the smaller container is a mini Tink lunchbox - both are lined with silicone food containers. I opened everything up to take a picture, but presented it to DD closed. This is a peanut butter and yogurt-whip sandwich, two huge strawberries, blueberries, dried mangoes, blueberries on picks and a chopped up cheese stick.

A few little picks and having everything tightly packed in a bento box make this  snack, while not "cute," at least more appealing. This container is quite small - maybe 3x3 - and just the right size for cramming full of fruit, a chopped up cereal bar and Babybel cheese.

Have a great week, everyone! PIP your cute lunches here.

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