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I'm 6 weeks today and freaking out!  I just took my second test, which came out positive again, which helped, but for some reason I feel like I am not pregnant or I'm going to miscarry.  I had morning sickness yesterday, and my boobs have been sore for weeks, but now they aren't really sore anymore, and I still have cramping.  it's less intense then it was a few days ago, but it still has me worried.  My first appt. isn't for 2 more weeks!  Is this normal to have anxiety like this?  I've been crying all morning, my husband thinks I'm crazy.  I almost wish I had more symptoms so I could be sure!

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  • I am also 6 weeks. I'm having cramping too. It seems like I'm on my period.  The doctor says it is normal and that you can feel like this throughout your pregnancy. 
  • I'm having the same anxiety myself. I feel that something is going to go wrong and I also don't have my first appt for two weeks. I think it is totally Normal to have anxiety and the crying is your hormones going nuts. Our bodies are going through so much right now and all of what you are feeling is perfectly normal!! please don't upset yourself too much. Everything will be wonderful!!
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  • I understand. I have had a miscarriage and am worried too. However, just remember that less cramping or less symptoms in general doesn't mean much since everyone and every pregnancy is different! I have several friends whose symptoms lessened right around 6wks and others that had all the symptoms including all day 'morning' sickness right up  until birth. Hang in there! Also if you are really worried a clinic will see you right away just to get some peace of mind if you want to go that route or like me... I just called my dr and basically begged to be seen sooner because of my anxiety & they obliged. I feel for you, but try not to stress too much :) I hope all is well at the check up!!!! Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!
  • I've stopped cramping, but my boobs are still sore.  at least when i was cramping i felt like something was happening...now i just feel like i'm going to lose the baby.  i've had four previous miscarriages. 

     i feel your worries hun.   you just have to wait it out.  and worrying is only going to stress your body.  

     i have to tell myself all the time to breathe and relax and if it is meant to be, it will be.


  • Hi!

    I am 6 weeks pregnant today and I barely have symptoms either! I have some cramping and frequent urination but that's it. The doctor said its normal so I guess we should be thankful for now :) 

  • I'm freaking out, too. This is my first pregnancy after three years of trying and then doing IVF. However, I had an ultrasound yesterday at 5w6d and because my implantation was so high they couldn't see well enough to confirm the viability of either of my babies. I have two gestational sacs and what appears to be a yolk in one. But since they are high, they can't see with the trans vaginal which would be clearer and needed the trans abdominal that showed the yolk in one but the second is hiding behind the first. So basically the appt did nothing for my peace of mind. I've had little or no cramping other than a bit from my OHSS and I (obviously) am having horrible mood swings and sore breasts and morning sickness. No spotting at all but I'm terrified of blighted ovums. And of course the Internet sucks when it comes to all this stuff. No reassurance at all. My next ultrasound is ten days away!  I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next ten days....
  • Ya know, I posted earlier RE:Rollercoaster and got a few responses. Not surprised at only a few responses since I practically wrote a novel describing my "rollercoaster". Honestly it was helpful just to write the post, lovely that anyone took the time to read it and got some good feedback and support. The best advice came from someone who had thought she was miscarrying and had to do a lot in her day before she could make it to the doctor. She said she knew that nothing she did would change it for better or worse. Good advice I think. If we let it, every little thing can make us crazy. So much easier done, believe me, I'm going for a repeat ultrasound tomorrow with the hopes that we see development from last week and that I am indeed still prego. I know its hard but try to chill, get together with people who you enjoy, do activities that make you feel good. I have done a handful of pesky household projects this evening and I feel like at least my toilet paper holder is back in place,etc. My thoughts are with you!
  • sweety cramping is very normal as long as it isnt server camps which include blood..If thats the case you have to call your ob right away.. i am 6wks and got come mild cramps last week but it now stopped.. I still dont have morning sickness and my boobs dont hurt as bad.. I would suggest you read what to expect when expecting i am reading it now.. it really helped me answer alot of questions.. I had a miscarried 6months ago and my symptoms were very weird period cramps with period like bleeding that would last one day then come back 3 days later... if your not bleeding your ok.. your body is getting use to being pregnant and your uterus is growing...:0)
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