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Transitioning to Cow's Milk

My LO will a year on the 29th and I?m so proud of both of us with our breastfeeding experience and making it almost to a year.  I have a couple of questions that I was hoping to discuss with the pedi re: transitioning to cow?s milk but I won?t see him until a couple weeks after LO turns one.  My questions are: 1) Did you wean your LO or allow LO to wean themselves?  2) When introducing cow?s milk can I mix it with breast milk to send to daycare or should I send it in separate bottles?  3) If I mix, how long is that mixture good for (I usually try to use expressed breast milk within 3-5 days)? 4) If I introduce separately, how much did you start off with?

I am terrified about LO having stomach issues during the transition.  My brother and both his girls are lactate intolerance (I am not) and my grandmother was too.  My husband has a cousin who has a little girl and they introduced cow?s milk at a year and the little one had stomach/bowel issues for months. 

Any suggestions to help with this transition is appreciated.

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Re: Transitioning to Cow's Milk

  • Per my pedi's suggestion, I started giving DS a few ounces of milk in a sippy at around 9 months. I BF'd until 18 months, but DS just naturally took to drinking more and more cow's milk from 12 months on. Just don't make  a big deal about it.
  • Oh, and I never mixed cow's milk with BM. And when I weaned I weaned cold turkey Tongue Tied
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    Both of my kids transitioned to cows milk easily. We did put it in  sippy cup for DD, but she wanted to go straight to cup. And when we did mix cow's and BM or formula, it was rejected. Try a lot of things, and do what works for you both. 
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  • I agree with the ladies, that's how we transitioned too. I only have one lactose intolerant dk, and we noticed immediately (extreme pain/gas, bm that flamed her skin). She's strictly on Lactaid, cow's milk is completely out. She transitioned to goat's milk instead at 10 months, and she's been on Lactaid ever since (she's 4).

    No trouble going cold turkey with the others.

  • I tried to give my son cow's milk and he refused it for many times. So what I did, was I started adding cow's milk to breast milk. Start with little, and then add more of cow's milk each day or every other day. It worked for me. You can give it a try.

  • I weaned my son at 9 months directly to goat's milk and that was his 'milk' beverage until he was 4 years old. He wasn't lactose intolerant. Goat's milk most closely resembles human breast milk and is much easier to digest than cow's milk. He occasionally drinks cow's milk now, but is also still fine with goat (he's 10). Many children who are lactose intolerant can actually tolerate goat's milk, there's some interesting research being done in this area (I'm a journalist and report on medical/pharmaceutical research). It's a strong taste, but if a baby will take goat's milk it's often the best choice... cow's milk isn't easy to digest - even for those of us who are no longer kids. Smile
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