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Toddlerism of the Day

Because it's so slow....

What did your kid do/say today that cracked you up and made you LOL?


Growing up way too fast!

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Re: Toddlerism of the Day

  • I'll start.....

    "My pants are wobbly!"   After I didn't snap and zip them up after a diaper change.

    And when asked where Grandma was (she lives in Iowa), he said "At the store shopping!"  Which is hilarious only to me because grandma has a serious spending problem and constantly runs to the mall whenever she visits.


    Growing up way too fast!

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  • This wasn't today, but recently.  T is still in diapers (we're not pushing potty training because all my experienced mom friends tell me she'll regress once baby comes!)  The other day her grandma was over and said, "oh honey, let Mema change you, you're stinky."  She gave Mema the dirtiest look and said, "NO Mema, YOU stink!" 

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  • Awsome!!

    I was driving E, K and S to the sitters this morning, and E wanted to know how fresh air got sucked into the van. So as I was explaining it, she wanted to know what happened when someone farted in the car, if the fan worked in reverse. Before I could answer, K speaks up and said, "Um, we'll all DIE, duh!". FFS, I couldn't stop laughing, because she clearly remembers dh dropping the bomb in the car and being a captive audience.

  • This isn't from today, but I had to share. Liam is "barely" a toddler; he just turned one last week, but he calls EVERY animal a kitty. We went to the zoo, and even the elephant was a "kitty." The way he says it is, "Kheee!"

    I was so excited when we got to the tigers because he got to be right :-)

    Mac and cheese lover!
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  • DS gave the cat a time out for touching one of his toys. 
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  • We went on a road trip this weekend and DS would take his shoes and socks off then say, "touch my nekkid foot" to get me to tickle his foot.
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