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Triggered, IUI#1 tomorrow at 9:30

My follicle grew from 15mm on Friday to 19.5 mm this morning.  I was a little disapointed it wasn't the magic 20 I expected, but I guess it's close enough. My lining is at 8.5.  So we triggered and my IUI is at 9:30 tomorrow morning!

I brought DH back to the room with me for the first time.  I thought it would be interesting for him to check out the ultrasound machine and see everything.  Well it's a good thing I did because my stupid dress wouldn't zip up afterwards.  Something was wrong with the teeth of the zipper.  We were in there for ten minutes trying to get it up before it finally caught.  I think I would have cried if I was by myself.

Sidenote: no more dresses on days I have an appointment.

Re: Triggered, IUI#1 tomorrow at 9:30

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    Good luck!! 

    That's one of the many, many reasons that I hate dresses... Smile

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    Good luck!! 

    That's one of the many, many reasons that I hate dresses... Smile


    I usually prefer dresses because it's easier than putting together a whole outfit.  But it also meant I was naked on the exam table so that's another one in the minus column.

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    Sending a lot of luck for your morning IUI tomorrow~~~~~~

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    Good luck!
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    FYI for dresses - next time don't take it off, just hike it up to your waist!
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    FYI for dresses - next time don't take it off, just hike it up to your waist!

    Ahh!  See I thought of that but thought I was look like a weirdo.  I guess it wouldn't have mattered as long as they can get to the right areas.

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    Good luck tomorrow! And I second hiking the waist up on a dress :)
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    Good luck tomorrow.  This post made me giggle a little but totally hike it up next time!
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    So update.  I just looked at my results online and it looks like I have TWO follicles now on the left side.  DH remembers her saying there was a second measuring 18mm and it looks like he was right.  How did I not hear that?  I'm feeling more confident now.  My estradiol is at 437 so it supports the two follicle theory.  LH is surging at 25.  Bring it on!
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    Ha ha on the dress.  FYI I always wear dresses b/c you don't have to take them off... you can just pull them up and take off your underwear.  I found it much easier to undress that way.  

    GOod news on your follies. They can still grow some after triggering so you can and likely will get to 20. GL with your IUI tomorrow 

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    Thanks all!

    Was anyone super tired after their HSG shot?  I'm about to pass out at my desk. Sleep

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    Good luck! Hope everything goes well tomorrow! =)
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