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We haven't bought anything for baby yet...

I'm 24 weeks pregnant today, and we haven't bought anything for our baby yet. We have six onsies and three pairs of socks that we received as a gift, and I'm making two quilts, but that's it. I'm wondering if I should be freaking out about this. Because...

The reason we haven't bought any of the 'big things', like the bassinet, is because we're moving tomorrow. We didn't see the point in getting something like that and then having to worry about moving it. Same with our changing table: DH is making it, but where we are now he doesn't have space to work, and again it would be one more thing to move.

The other big one is money. We've had some serious financial problems recently and are only just getting back on our feet. Still, DH's next paycheck, which will be here in about a week, is 'already spent' (because of security deposits etc on our new place). It won't be until the end of this month that we'll have any money left over.

Also... I can't help but feel like all of this is too good to be true. I have so much. I have an incredible husband; two beautiful and loving pets; amazing friends; a roof over my head; food on my table; and although money is tight we can get by. I wouldn't say I'm not a nice person but plenty of my friends are the most wonderful people in the world and life keeps dealing them really terrible s**t. I know this is going to sound morbid, but I'm so scared I might lose the baby. I have no 'reason' to think that I might; I just don't feel like I deserve her.

Do I need to start buying things now? Can I put it off a little longer?
(I know that cribs tend to take a looong time to ship, but we're having a bassinet stroller which baby will be sleeping in at first. We won't even be buying a crib until after baby's born)

Re: We haven't bought anything for baby yet...

  • Are you having a shower?  Then I would say you can wait.   What do you mean bassinet stroller?  Something like the Baby Jogger City Select or Uppa Baby Vista one?  Your LO cannot sleep in that ... it is a SIDS risk. 

    I would say get a Ikea crib/Target crib (cheap and excellent saftey ratings) and everything else can wait for a bit.

    Even the carseat can wait b/c even if your LO comes at 30-34 weeks they probably will be in the NICU for at least a week.

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  • Well first, congratulations! I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I haven't bought anything either except a few outfits because a lot of the big ticket items that are on my registry may be given to us at the babyshower. At least you have a bassinet that the baby will be sleeping in when it comes home. The crib can wait a little longer.


    I would start looking at carseats, strollers, ect. because that's what you will be bringing the baby home in. Also, you might want to start buying stuff before you hit your third trimester and have no energy left to do it all.







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  • You have time. Are you going to be having a baby shower? A lot of people don't buy anything significant until after that occurs. Even if you're not having a shower, you still have two or three months before you really need to start getting the basics in place. As long as you have a car seat, a safe place for the baby to sleep (crib, bassinet, or pack-n-play), and a few diapers and sleepers when the baby arrives, you'll be fine. You can buy what you need as you need it.

    The cribs that take a long time to ship are usually the more expensive, special order ones. A lot of the less expensive cribs can be had immediately or within a couple of weeks from places like Babies R Us, Walmart, or Target. I did a special order crib for my first child and ordered it at 22 weeks pregnant. It was supposed to come in 12 weeks and got delayed and delayed...I didn't end up with a crib until DD was a month old. She slept in a pack-n-play until then. No big deal.


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  • I am 23 weeks and we just bought our stroller and car seat last night because it was on sale.  Other than that--we have about 6 onseies and that's it.  We have also put off buying stuff because we are moving.  We are currently living in a hotel while we wait to close on our house in about a month and we probably won't be buying anything else until after we close.  So don't feel bad.  I am just starting to figure out things we might need to register for.  I feel like I am behind too, but I know it will be ok.

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  • We had basically nothing until our shower when I was 33 weeks. We got the furniture and room ready at 35 weeks. It was a lot later than I imagined we would finish all these things, but we were completing other projects around the house (bathroom remodel and new carpet). Our furniture came from BRU and came in one week after ordering. You have plenty of time.


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  •  Thanks for the reassurance, ladies. Yes I am having a shower, I forgot to mention that!

    But time out....


     What do you mean bassinet stroller?  Something like the Baby Jogger City Select or Uppa Baby Vista one?  Your LO cannot sleep in that ... it is a SIDS risk. 

    Whoah. Whoah whoah whoah. Problem. Yes, I am talking about the Uppa Baby Vista. I thought it was ok for baby to sleep in, since it comes with (well, doesn't come with, but you can buy) a stand to for the bassinet part...? If it's not, I need to know now so I can make other plans!

    This is also a major reason why we aren't buying the crib yet: the UBV is so expensive that we can't afford it right now. I know that I want baby to sleep in a bassinet and I know that I want to use a pram/bassinet stroller (so baby can lie flat) at first, but the only separate bassinets I can find cost more than the (Graco Lauren) crib!

  • You can get a basic pack-n-play with a bassinet for about $60 new from Graco. This is what we used for DS as a newborn and now for when we travel. You could also check Craigslist or a local consignment store for cheaper options.
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  • I'm 32 weeks and we haven't bought anything big.  I've bought 3 baby outfits since I had a gift card to Kohls, but that's it.  We have researched everything and know what we want so we can run out last minute to purchase if need be.  We also held off on purchasing anything because we moved into a new house at 28 weeks and didn't want to have to move everything.  You've got time. 
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  • Also, if you can get a carseat discounted from your hospital. They have regular infant carseats that normally cost around $150-200 for $40. You might have to do their carseat installation class (worth it - so many carseats are installed improperly), but those are usually free. Ask your OB's office, or look into what classes your hospital offers. 
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  • Looking at the manual for the vista, it doesn't explicitely say not to use for sleeping, but I agree with others that it shouldn't be used. Personally, I chose not to use a bassinet for several reasons: 1) there are no safety standards in place for bassinets (unlike cribs), 2) I did not want to deal with a transition from bassinet to crib, and 3) there were other things that I would rather spend my money on. 

    You really only need a carseat, a place for baby to sleep, and some diapers and clothing to start with. Everythig else (even changing table) can wait.

    If money is a concern, you might want to reconsider the uppa baby vista and the bassinet stand. You can get a ton of other baby items for $800. There are cribs ad car seats available for $100 or less each. 

    Also, I don't want to scare you or anything, but don't wait until the very last minute to get the essentials. My water broke at 36 weeks (on labor day lol) and my DD was born the next day (i had a totally normal pregnancy and no complications, she just decided she was ready I think). Everyone always says that with your first you'll go late, but that was definety not the case for me.

  • The UPPAbaby Vista bassinet is 10000% approved for overnight sleep. You can call the company and they will tell you and also direct you to their safety testing literature.
  • I think you are fine!  I'm 24 weeks and the ONLY reason I bought the stoller and furniture last weekend was to take advantage of 20% off discounts at REI for the stroller and BBB for the furniture.  The furniture will take 8 weeks to arrive, but 2 of the 3 pieces were available now; I just asked them to hold them so they could deliver everything at the same time.

    Get an inexpensive, yet highly rated, IKEA crib ($70-$140) and a carseat ($100) which is required for the hospital to release your baby if you are driving anywhere.

    Read Baby Bargains to help sort out what you need and how to avoid spending money on non-necessities.

    Also, make sure you tell EVERYONE you are expecting your first child.  Sometimes people are happy to literally give (not sell) you stuff they just want to get rid of.

  • My DD slept in the Rock N Play for the first 5 months (about $60 full price)  So I would say a crib isn't even necessary right away. 

    I love the UBV, but (trying not too judge) they are very spendy so I'm surprised that you are purchasing it if you are on a super tight budget.

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  • OP, if you're on a budget, look at the Phil and Ted's Smart bundle. It's the look and idea of a UBV without the hefty price tag. It works with the Graco Snugride 22 which is their least expensive car seat. And bassinets are acceptable sleep solutions for babies that have not reached the rolling stage, so once they reach the weight limits of the bassinet portion, and can roll, you need someplace else for them to sleep. Swaddling helps.

  • Here's a thought too since you're on a budget....look for a consignment sale in your area. I just went to one this last Wed. & they had a gorgeous bassinet there for only $20 (for example). This is the time of year they occur (spring & fall) so do your research & sign up now. I actually signed up as a FTM and got into the pre-sale which is held the day before. Less people & better things still available. PP's are correct in the items you need, just be aware the hospital will not let you leave without a carseat, so maybe start looking into that pretty soon in case you go early.
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  • We had the BJCS bassinet and used it for our little one to sleep in for the first few months (my SIL now uses it for her baby at night).  The only SIDS guidelines I could find that seemed relevant to the bassinet were that bumpers shouldn't be used, but I don't see how that is any different to some other bassinets you can buy that are specifically designed for nighttime use.

    One SIDS guideline also mentions having a nice firm mattress and I found the BJCS bassinet one to be a bit flimsy, but if you wanted you could always have a new one cut for around $10. 

    As for your other concerns, of course purchases can be put off longer!  You're only just over half way, you have plenty of time to buy things.  :)  I know what you mean about none of it feeling real, but you might find as you get closer to the due date you start getting excited and really want to buy more things and set up a space for your bub.  :)  Just enjoy your pregnancy for now and don't worry, the rest will come later.

  • I'm 31 weeks about and I still barely have anything. A few clothes, a crib (took a week to ship, and I could have just bought it in store) and a car seat but we're waiting. We lost just about everything we own in a lovely sewage flood in the beginning of January and still don't have drywall or flooring or furniture. The other reason I'm waiting to go shopping is I want to have the shower first and then see what we need, and also my mother is coming out a month before LO gets here to help out and is "all excited to do baby shopping!" And I also know that we're going to think of a million other things we needs once baby gets here. So no, I don't think you're waiting too long. If it isn't in the budget this month it just isn't, you've got a decent amount of time left to prepare. 

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