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Preventing Diaper Rash

Every time I try something new (wipes or creams) my baby's butt starts to get red.  So I have found out that Pampers sensitive wipes work well.  Huggies pure and natural does not. 

Destin maximum strength works well, but the regular strength does not.  Butt paste seems to be good, but I'm still testing that one out.


What works for you to prevent diaper rash?   What doesn't work?

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Re: Preventing Diaper Rash

  • My moms neighbor was a pediatrician for something like 30 years and he told us nothing works better at preventing diaper rash than A and D ointment. We use it everyday and it's been great!
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  • My DS has been prone to irritation rashes since week 1! I've been using the Burt's Bees ointment and it's been keeping it at bay. He also seems to like it.. he coos when I put it on. Not sure if it has a cooling effect or what. Boudreaux's didn't do anything for us.
    I also use a wash cloth or receiving blanket to pat him dry sometimes before I put his diaper back on.

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  • Spend time everyday diaper free - it's actually a great way to do tummy time.

    Additionally - we use cloth diapers and have not had diaper rash yet. 

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  • I just started using Desitin on DS and he hasn't got any rashes since.
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  • We have resorted to using  cut up undershirts as wipes with water. We then use a hairdryer to make sure her bum is *really* dry. Weleda cream when needed. Works like a charm!!



  • We have been lucky to not have had anything major. I use pampers sensitive wipes and at the first sign of a little redness I dab on some butt paste and that seems to do the trick. 
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