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Storing prefolds question

We don't have a lot of spare space for storing the diapers we have in regular rotation. We don't have a changing table or the room for one really. For the most part DD will be changed in the living room or bedroom in her PnPs. I would like them to be "covered" at least so the cats don't want to sleep on them! What do you all use? And do you store them flat or folded?
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Re: Storing prefolds question

  • I have a changing table with drawers and a large door that I use to store my diapers. I also have daycare kids so I change multiple childrens diapers each day. It's getting too hard to change the toddlers on the changing table so I now just change everyone on the couch on a changing pad. I have a big basket in my living room with all the supplies I need. Every night I stock my diapers and supplies for the next day. Maybe you could keep your diapers in LO's closet or you linen closet and do something like this?
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  • What about a basket with a towel or sheet over top?  Or a plastic tub with a lid?
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  • from friends personal experience, they suggested to me to just lay them flat. Its what was easiest for them. I'll be taking their suggestion at least at first. Not sure about what to put them in though. I'm still figuring out where I'm going to keep mine! (No specified diaper changing station)
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  • This is what diaper stackers are for!  I haven't seen one used in a long time, but it's what we stored prefolds in when my sisters were babies (a year and a week apart, so two in cloth for quite some time).  We had to fold the prefolds in half (against the direction of the seams), but that wasn't a big deal.  We hung the diaper stacker from the side of one of the cribs.  Example:|pdp|12348244|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency


    There are tutorials online for making your own if you're crafty.

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  • I use the 'itso' brand cubes from target for my diapers.  I trifold them, and store them in the bin.  One cube, with a shelf, and 2 bins is my cloth diaper hider :)



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