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Middle name for Presley


We really love the name Presley for a baby girl but I am having trouble coming up with a middle name.  Any cute ideas?


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Re: Middle name for Presley

  • I know someone who has a Presley and her middle name is Marie.
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  • Something feminine to balance out Presley... Ann, Marie, Elizabeth, Catherine.

  • Since Presley is a boy's name, I would say you'd need a traditional and feminine name to go with it. 




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  • Nicole
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  • I agree that it needs a feminine middle name, but please not Marie. All I can think of is Lisa Marie Presley.

    What about Alice, Grace, Jean, Kathryn, Jane, Gayle, Mae...?

  • Presley is one of my names too! woo! woo! I think we're doing Presley Coleen for my grandma. 
  • My God-daughter is Presley Alyse- (Alyse pronounced a-lease) I love the name Presley and would have used it if my BFF didnt use it first!
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  • I have to say that I think Presley is terrible for a boy or a girl but especially for a girl.... That said, I wouldn't use Marie because of Lisa Marie Presley (agree with pp).

    Presley Taryn, Presley Olivia, Presley Danielle, Presley Brianna, Presley Marlene, Presley Samantha, Presley Claire...


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  • Presley Monroe

    Presley Grace

    Presley Christine


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