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if you have MFI

Did your husband go to a urologist? Did you get a second opinion? My RE doesn't think my dh's numbers will go up. However, dh went to urologist this morning and now dh doesn't have that severe a problem.

If your dh did go, did the urologist help his numbers?

What is hard to grasp is that we were prego too.

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  • Hi we are kind of going through the same thing.. We got pregnant in Sept. 07 but m/c in Oct. 07. We have been trying ever since, so we got all our testing done recently and it turns out we have pretty severe MFI and my DH has varicoceles. Do you know your DHs exact #s? We saw a uro and he wasn't very helpful... We are doing IVF in Jan.
  • Well, we have never had a bfp and next month will be 12 consecutive months of trying.  We have had one bad SA and DH does not want to see a urologist until he gets a second test, which he does not want to do for a couple months after the first test.

    I am seeing a specialist next week b/c I have had no testing on me b/c my OB wanted DH to do the SA first.  The specialist's nurse said they would typically refer someone with our SA numbers to a urologist.  So, I am not much help, but I hope to know more next week.

    What do you mean his problem isn't that severe after going to the urologist?  Did they do something to help him or they just think his numbers aren't that bad?

    Thanks for posting this b/c we are still trying to figure out the next step...

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  • He went to a urologist after IVF #1 ended in a m/c.  My RE also doesn't think MH's numbers situation will improve (30% mot and 5% morph, count was 665 million), but the urologist believes he found a varicolele.  He goes back for an u/s this week.  The urologist thinks MH's issue is very, very minor and might be able to be fixed.

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  • we have MFI


    my DH went to his reg Dr and got 2 Sem. Anal. and they both came back at 0. So my RE recommended a Urologist she works with and after the exam we learned DH has a cyst/blockage in his tubing (sorry, cant remem the right wording) but he went for his Extraction and there was some to work with.   

  • DH did go to a urologist and his numbers did not go up

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  • We did see a uroligist but I was not very helpful. I was basically to rule out being caused by vericole (which DH does have but not causing IF) They determined it was genetic and there was nothing to do except move to IVF. But sounds like ours was more severe that yours is. GL
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