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Hi 7 weekers,

How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet? 


Re: Symptoms

  • I am 7 weeks tomorrow and my skin is breaking-out like crazy, I feel nauseous every-day, although no vomiting, very bloated,  super tired all the time, sore breasts and moody!  Isn't this fun:)  How about you?
  • I feel horrible! I feel like I have a constant hangover everyday. I'm very nauseous and tired. Everyone tells me its going to end as soon as I get into my second trimester, so needless to say i can't wait until then! :)
  • I ditto everything maripos13 just wrote!!! Exactly how I feel at week 7!! Not fun at all!!! Yesterday was the worst...felt like I was truly dragging myself...had no energy, out of breath, and so nauseous!!! Call me Mrs. Grumpy!!!
  • I'm not having ANY symptoms yet! I'm having a hard time believing I'm actually pregnant!!! Sorry for all of you who are sick! I'm hoping I don't get sick... although I know it could hit me any day. Here's hoping!
  • I'm 7w3d today! For the most part, I feel pretty good. Tender breasts (but not unbearable), some/minimal queasiness, and a little tired throughout the day, but other than that, i feel fine. 

    I still don't "feel" pregnant. I have my 2nd prenatal appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping to see baby's heart beat! 

  • Nauseous all day long since week 3-4.  Ugh.  Oh well, sick for a cause, right!?  It could be much worse.  Good luck to everyone!
  • I am 7 weeks!  I feel like I have every symptom imaginable. Sore tender breasts, face broken out, fatigued. I've also been nauseous but no vomiting just like dry heaving and gagging! Also mild cramps, kind of feel like menstrual cramps on and off. Completely bloated, so annoying it already looks like I'm pregnant from the bloating. lol
  • Well I want to rip my boobs off everytime they move even a LITTLE! Had a few bad headaches, and gagging sessions but no vomiting yet. Not too many bad cravings either. I can't tell if I just want them because they sound good or if it's because baby is telling me it's good haha.



    First OB appt is thursday. YAY!  

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  • Not really feeling pregnant yet. Mild nausea, worst when we start to get hungry. Tender breasts on just the underside, and just a little tired. other than that i feel fine. have our first OB appointment on the 3rd. cant wait to see baby and hear the heartbeat!
  • I feel so tired!! I have been napping in weird places, and just feeling like I need to rest all the time. My breasts are reallllly sore, and I have woken up nauseous all week. :-/  I am finding nibbling on saltines is helping that nauseous feeling subside. Come on second trimester!! :)
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  • I'm exhausted, boobs are sore, indigestion is a daily occurance and I just don't feel great.  But no throwing up and queasyness is very light.  On the days I feel well I get worried, but I'm just going to be thankful for them.  First appointment is on the 12!!!!  10 more days!
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  • I had hardly any symptoms until this week!  Now I have the breast tenderness, bloating, and all day m/s.  Thankfully it's still just nausea, but I've found that feeling that way and working in a preschool with 50 kids is a bit overwhelming!
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  • I have only had a few symptoms... Tiredness, nausea, headaches, excess saliva, slightly tender breasts.  One thing I have benefited from is instead of breaking out, my skin has actually cleared up!  I have always had bad skin though, so it could have gotten worse, but I am thankful it didn't!  By far the worst thing though is feeling the need to eat every few hours, or I get really queasy, and then the tiredness.  by about 8pm I am totally wiped, and have go to bed.  

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  • For me, This is 1st Pregnancy after MC... so "Feeling crappy Makes me Happy!!" :)

    Tender breasts, slight nausea, tired spells, moody/emotional, mild cramps, teenage breakouts (Wonderful)... Whatever it is, I'll take it. I just want a sustainable pregnancy & and a healthy Baby!!

    Best wishes to All Moms!

  • I am 7 weeks and 2 days.  I had my first doctor's appt. yesterday.  I had previously calculated myself to be at least 10 weeks by now.  However, due to the baby's small measurements the doctor said I was more like 7 weeks.  I did get to hear baby's heartbeat and take home ultrasound images!  That made my day.


    I am sick thru the day.  I can't wait for that to be over.  I go to the bathroom at least three times during the night.  Oh and the zits can go away too! Boo!

  • I am 7 weeks pregnant today.  I had my first appointment on Monday and it was so amazing to get to hear the heart beat.  They did also see bleeding so I am not allowed to exercise for at least a month to allow it to heal.  Exercise is a big part of my life so it's a little difficult for me to imagine not doing it for a month but if it's better for the baby then I'll do it! 

    The past two days have had me feeling horrible.  I can barely eat anything, even the thought of food makes me feel sick.  I am also only able to sleep for about 4 hours at a time before having to get up to use the bathroom.  

     Plus side, my skin has cleared up!  I had pretty bad skin and figured it would get worse since I had to stop the prescriptions when I found out I am pregnant, but it's actually completely cleared up!  




  • image aubsie:
    I'm not having ANY symptoms yet! I'm having a hard time believing I'm actually pregnant!!! Sorry for all of you who are sick! I'm hoping I don't get sick... although I know it could hit me any day. Here's hoping!



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  • I don't have any morning sickness which is great! I have had a food aversion to cauliflower :( I usually love cauliflower so this was quite sad, it tasted terrible when I tried to eat it. I also have extremely sore breasts, and I guess I have been a little emotional :). Oh, and I feel really bloated all of the time, I have to pee way more than I use to, and I've been burping more frequently. I am just so happy to be pregnant, and am happy to have any symptoms just to make it seem more real at this point!
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  • I am 7 wks 4 days and i am so tired i feel like no matter how much sleep i get it isn't enough!!  Sick to my stomach all the time and breast are so tender it is driving me crazy!!  This is my third baby and it is so much different from the other two already!!!  Not to mention I hate not being able to tell many people yet cause we want to wait till the second trimester cause there have been a few issues already!!  We are so excited though even if we weren't expecting it to happen so fast, we just got married on October 22nd, bought our house a week later, moved into the new house March 1st and only tried to get preg a couple of times before it happened!!!
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  • Luckily I haven't had any nausea yet, but I feel bloated and I'm afraid to hold in my belly.  I'm having frequent menstrual-like cramping since week 6.  It's difficult to socialize while trying to keep the pregnancy on the down low.  I'm waiting til after the 8th week visit to announce to close family and friends. 
  • This is baby #2, and my nausea has been worse than with #1. Actually vomited breakfast on Sunday. Luckily, no one but daughter #1 witnessed that! Otherwise, just lots of fatigue and mild nausea. Craving carbs, and orange juice. Breasts have filled out some, and my tummy seems to have already grown! Guess those abs just aren't as tight as before as my pants already seem a bit snug. No one knows but hubby and the doc (and we're planning to keep it that way for a a few more weeks) but I'm concerned that if I have to go shopping for a new wardrobe, the secret might be out!

  • I'm actually feeling pretty ok too!  I do feel incredibly bloated as if I'm about to get my period any day now.  I feel tired for the most part but no sick feeling yet.  Praying for a non sick pregnancy.  I hate puking!  Sometimes I'm like, ok am I actually pregnant?!?!
  • I've been feeling great up (only sleepy) until 2 days ago. Morning sickness has kicked in and NOTHING has helped. I just keep reminding myself, "healthy baby, healthy baby, healthy baby!" 
  • aubsie I havent had many symptomseither : I am 7 weeks on Wed.

    So far my breasts have been killing me for the 1st 5 weeks but they either got better a little or I just got used to the pain. I get headaches during the day, a bit more tired then usual but honestly thats about it. Now i am nervous that i dont have enough sysmptoms and that something is wrong. :(

  • Other than being absolutely exhausted, I can't really complain!  I've found that stop-and-go traffic gives me some motion sickness, and my breasts are a bit tender, but not unbearable.  I know I should be ridiculously thankful that I'm not vomiting each day, but sometimes I wonder if I should be feeling more symptoms?

     I've already been to the doctor for my first pre-natal appointment at 5w5d and was able to see the baby's heartbeat. What an awesome experience! 

  • I feel the same way!  It's driving me nuts.  I don't have my first appt. untilt he 15th of this month.  I keep wondering if something wrong is going on :/
  • I'm 7 weeks today and I am so nauseous almost all the time. I have food aversions from almost everything. Nothing sounds good. I will suddenly think of something that sounds really good, and then as I am making it, it smells awful and I don't want it anymore. I am trying to eat healthy but it is difficult when everything makes me want to puke. Luckily I haven't puked yet! I have also been exhausted which makes it harder to keep up with my 19 month old daughter. I didn't really have these symptoms when I was pregnant the first time, so I wonder if it could be a boy...
  • Hello,


    I am feeling great which makes me even more nervous. Being a first time mom you expect to be sick and I barely feel nausea. I only feel sick when I smell the garbage under my kitchen sink.  My breasts are so heavy, hard, and tender and I need to pee every 45 minutes to an hour. But I feel great!!!! I love being prego so far!

    So the crazy side of me is I bought a bunch of dollar store pregnancy tests and I am testing like every 5 days I'm so paranoid! I saw the heart beat at 113bpm at 6 weeks 1 day so you would think I would be less paranoid but we tried for this baby for 2 years and I love this baby so much!

  • OMG! this is the pits! I feel the same way, nauseous through out the entire day, but I do not vomit, I feel heavy and bloated, and tired is not even the word for what I am. My breasts are sore and tender, I am moody all the time and I have to pee every 20 to 60 minutes. I am already feeling like I want this pregnancy to speed up and be over with! December can not get here soon enough!
  • I am also seven weeks, nauseaus every day, bloated, so tired, soooooo emotional and sore boobs.  You are not alone! Hopefully we'll feel better soon.
  • Week 7- I have nausea, mild head aches, tender breast, feeling very tired all the time. I got my 2nd doctors appt. this week we are hoping to hear the heart beat.
  • I feel exactly the way you feel but add one more thing. Yesterday I had spotting for 24 hrs. started dark red but not much and the rest of the day was darkening to brown. Stressed me out. It finally stopped so i'm no relieved. I'm 7 weeks today : )
  • im dying. 24/7 hangover best describes it. not morning sickness, but all waking hours sickness. my first pregnancy was nothing like this. i felt nauseated maybe 3 days out of the whole thing. i am getting terrible headaches and am having trouble sleeping. completely opposite of my first experience. and my 8 month old daughter (yes 8 MONTHS.) has just gotten into a serious 'mommy phase' and wants my undivided attention most of the day.


  • I agree it's like a really bad hangover that doesn't go away. It's been two weeks of consistent day to night nausea. Thankfully only four days of actually vomiting. I'm also consistently parched despite drinking a ton of water. Tongue is coated making me not want to eat. I sleep probably 10-12 hours when just a few weeks ago 6-7 were fine. As a business owner this has truly disrupted my life. When does it stop? My first prenatal is tomorrow and hoping for some remedies to decrease a few of these symptoms. :(
  • Lol that's EXACTLY how I've been describing it! Like you're hungover all the time!
  • I'm 7 weeks and I'm completely miserable :( I'm exhausted and now even more nauseous as the days go started out as gagging but I just threw up my dinner. I really cannot wait for the 1st trimester to be over yet I'm just getting started..

  • I'm currently at 7 weeks now, and I too, am miserable. I've been waking up every morning at 7 puking for the past week, and it lasts until noon if I'm lucky, and on a normal day the puking ends around 2ish, and the nausea persists until around 5. The thought of food makes me want to gag, and after eating about 7 bites of a meal i'm completely full. I try to force myself to eat more because I know baby must need more food, but I can't swallow it down. Yesterday I started trying this new method where I snack on things every 30 minutes, 2 eggs and toast for breakfast, and hour later a banana, and so on with little things like that. And this morning i woke up with nausea, but surprisingly I did not puke, so I'm wondering if there is a correlation between my aversion to hunger, and then getting sicker in the morning. I'm also bloated, getting very painful cramps on my lower right side every now and then, and always tired. I just want this first trimester to be over, but i've got 5 more weeks left. I'm just more worried about keeping baby healthy with my weird aversion to eating along with my constant puking.
  • Ohh my gosh. I know exactly how you feel! I'll be starving but don't want to eat anything because it all sounds disgusting. Then I got a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich, got the ingredients out and then just thought, ew, no. Haven't thrown up yet either, no morning sickness or anything. Just exhausted. But gosh, this is my first. So I couldn't imagine already having a 19 month old! (: Good for you! 
  • I have had sore boops for the past week and feel naeseu for me usually means it is time for me to eat but nothing eating, drinking some water, or going for a walk won't get rid of. I'm uber happy to be expecting and can't wait to hear Baby Marshall's heartbeat on Wednesday  :)

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