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Help w/ obtaining birth certificates--grrrr...

So we mailed $15 and everything we thought we needed to Vital Records a few weeks after HC was born in June.  Then we got a notice from them about 5 weeks later saying we need to fax or mail them copies of our DLs, so DH faxed both of ours over.  That was THREE MONTHS AGO!!!  Still haven't gotten her birth certificates, and every time I try to call, once I get through the maze of recorded options, I get a recording that says "due to high call volume, no one is available to take your call.  Please try again later."  Every. Single.  Time.  Can't get a live person on the phone to save my life! 

Is there any other way I can get the certificates, short of going to the office in person (which I would love to do in all of my free time, right?)?  Tried looking up the Fulton Co. office but I can't find that either.  Ack!

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Re: Help w/ obtaining birth certificates--grrrr...

  • are you in a hurry to get them? I would just wait it out...and keep calling back till you get a live person. can be so frustrating!!
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  • I went and got mine in person. There's two locations, I think. I went to the Vital Records office next door to Grady. A little sketchy down there, but quick!?

    This is the link with the address for the other office. On the page right before this one, they had an apology posted for issues with the phones. :)

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  • I went and got mine in person.  It was really easy and took probably less than 10 minutes.  In my opinion, it looked like the workers were too busy chatting with each other to answer any phones, nevermind the high call volume.
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    OH, no! I did the same thing (forgot to include a copy of photo ID). Dh faxed it in after we got the letter, and I think it took a few weeks. Definitely not three months. Did he also fax in a copy of the letter you received at the same time? There was a note on there that if you didn't include that it could take a lot longer (something like that). That stinks. I really think they need to be more clear on their instructions about the photo ID because this seems to happen regularly. That stinks. Can you re-fax??
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  • It definetly should not take that long!  Can you protest the charge with your bank and then just get it in person?  It sounds like you've slipped through the cracks somehow. 

    Getting DS's birth certificate was like trying to access some national classfied secret.  It was soooo frustrating!

  • Thanks; we're not in a hurry but I know it's going to be one of those things that if I don't get it done now, we won't have it when we really need it.  Looks like I'm going to go down in person; they've already gotten our cash so hopefully they'll just give them to me.  Or maybe DH should re-fax....gotta love government positions, huh? 
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