What does your letdown FEEL like? — The Bump

What does your letdown FEEL like?

Just curious how you would describe it.
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Re: What does your letdown FEEL like?

  • I am nursing my second child and I can't say I've ever felt one.
  • Tingling, weird pain. My boobs also get hard.
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  • Tingling like when your feet go to sleep.  I usually feel mine before feeding DS almost like my body is saying its time to feed him.
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  • I just recently in the last 2 months started feeling anything at all.  It's a strong achey feeling.
  • Tingling and weird pressure.  FWIW, I almost never felt a let down at all with DD but I feel it all the time with DS.  I have no idea what makes the difference. 
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  • The only sensation I feel is nausea! And it's been like that since the beginning.
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  • Pins and needles- if I'm engorged it's stronger like a vice around my boob.
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  • Kind of like when goosebumps spread across a body part, but more intense. At first it was very uncomfortable, but now I barely notice it.


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  • Mine feels like the skin is tightening around the nipple and areola, almost as if it were trying to squeeze the milk out itself. Though I don't really feel it when Baby's nursing, I guess the pressure he puts overrides the sensation in that nipple, but I'll feel it on the other side when he triggers it, or when pumping, or if my boobs decide "Hey, it's time to feed the kid, we're going to get you all sticky with milk now" and let-down on their own.
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