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2nd time moms, how many and what sizes?

I'm trying to figure out what to wash before LO gets here and what to leave tags on. How many NB, 0-3, 3-6 etc. outfits do you think you went through in one day and how many outfits did you wash of each size before LO was born?

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Re: 2nd time moms, how many and what sizes?

  • I washed everything.  I had about 10 NB outfits/sleepers and the same in 0-3.  I have a lot of 3 month clothing, but she will be in them a bit longer than the other sizes.

    I go through 1-2 two clothing changes a day.  The only time I change her is when there is a blow out or a large amount of spit up.  DD has reflux so she spits up frequently.  I use bibs to keep her clothes clean/dry.  I don't like laundry. 

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  • DD was little at birth, 6.5 lbs so we were in Carter's NB clothes for the first 6 weeks (Gerber clothes run way small)  Since then she's been right around 50% percentile for height and weight so she's closely corresponded closely to the age range on the clothes.  If your LO is expected to be over 8 lbs, I might just skip the NB clothes all together except for 1 coming home outfit.  Otherwise the first few months we pretty much lived in the staples: onesies and footed sleepers.  With 6-8 sleepers and ~10 onesies, I did laundry 2-3 times a week. DD wasn't much of a spitter upper in the first few months and we rarely had blowouts so she stayed pretty clean and dry most of the time. 

    I would just wash the 0-3 clothes now and have just a few NB ready to go. One thing I'm just realizing is that they just grow so quickly from 1-6 months that I would not stock up on too many of those sizes.  Plus take a look at the size of the clothes and don't assume that those numbers are absolute as some brands run small.

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  • We've gotten some hand-me-downs in great shape. I just washed all of those. I'm guessing I'll need bibs for a long time so I'll probably wash all those as well. I'll have to take inventory of what I have after I hang it all up.

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  • I washed and hung up everything NB-3 month.  Yes, we had tons of things my son never worn (like the 30 cute onesies I got as shower gifts), but it made me feel less stressed knowing I had all his clothes hung up or put away and ready to wear.  It is annoying that I could have retunred many items he never wore and gotten things for later, but I still have no regrets.  I would have been too stressed worrying I did not have enough.  I would say we went through 8-10 pajamas a week (there were blow outs), and most days we were fine with one outfit, but on occasion we needed a second or even third, so 10-12 outfits would have been sufficient. 
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    I would just wash the gowns, 0-3, and a couple of NB.  DS was big and didn't fit in NB sizes.

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  • I washed everything and should not have.  It's all just so cute when you're prepping for a new LO.  NB I didn't have much of since I didn't register for any.  I think I had a pack of sleepers and onesies.  Even 0-3 she wasn't in the sleepers very long, she was a tall baby.  I only ever went though 1-2 outfits a day.  She wasn't a spitter, and I used bibs when feeding to keep the formula off of her. 

    Also, what other people like you may not.  A friend of mine gave me a ton of the gowns w/ elastic at the bottom, she loved them.  I could not stand them, they ended up around her chest when she was sleeping.




  • DS was bigger than expected at birth. (9 lb 14oz) He never wore NB & wore 0-3 for about 6 weeks. The outfits I liked most in the beginning were sleep & plays, he had 10. I also liked sleep gowns, he had 5. We also had a few matching onesie/pants outfits but I rarely dressed him in those, sleepers were sooooo much easier.

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