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dh thinks he so funny

He was playing with my iphone and looking at all the apps.  He pulls one up and says You should download this.  I look at it and it's 69 sexual positions.  Yes hon I will download that to my phone where the kids and who knkows who else could ever see it.  I can't even believe anyone would want that kind of app on their phone. 

Re: dh thinks he so funny

  • um my dh downloaded an app that is like pictures of vibrators that do different vibration patterns. I thin hd really wanted to try it too.
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  • it must be a guy thing. I can only imagine what dh will download when he gets his iphone
  • Oh my!  haha.  My DH must think that stuff is funny, but he would never do something like that. 
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  • Haha. My DH dowloaded that one too. Definitely a guy thing! We got a good laugh out of it and then I think he deleted it thr next day.
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