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recommend your carrier for a plus-sized momma!

Anyone have any suggestions? The Ergo is too structured and when its loosened completely it still sits too high on my hips. I like the Beco Butterfly II due to its hip-sitting position but am concerned it will be too tight. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: recommend your carrier for a plus-sized momma!

  • Depending on your preference, I would suggest a Kinderpack with standard or plus straps.

    -info for sizing if you scroll down 

    Or a Boba.  The straps on the Boba standard, come longer than the Ergo. 


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  • Thanks to you both for your suggestions. We do have a MOBY but my LO doesn't like the process of getting in and out. She's quite big and it't really hard for on both of us. I'd rather have something where I don't have to maneuver her as much. I had seen the Bobo and thought it might be a good option. Thanks again!
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  • I had an Ergo for about 8 months which I recently sold and now I use a Beco Butterfly 2. I LOVE the Beco so much more...I'm about a size 14 and the strap on the Ergo was almost completly extended at the waist. The Beco waistband is much, much bigger and I have at least 6 inches to spare on each side adjuster. To me, it's much more comfortable, easier to get the baby in/out of especially for back carries, and is more flattering on me.
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  • The new Beco Butterfly II has a very large waist band.  I had one I bought 2 years ago and it was pretty much as large as it would go around my hips and it just fit.

    This one, I extended all the way and went to buckle it and it was HUGE! (and I'm pregnant so there was a lot more to go around than before).   

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  • Great! I've been looking at the Beco for a while so it's nice to hear it's roomy. Thank You!
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  • i'm a plus-size momma and i love my boba! dh uses it often and it fits his smaller frame as well. i tried many on at a store and this fit us both the best. 
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