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Hello!  My name is Mandy and my partner of ten years is Katie.  We just began the process of becoming foster parents!  We're also TTC.  I've been lurking over here on and off for a couple years and I known I'm going to learn so much from all of you.

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  • Welcome and good luck!
  • Welcome! I'm interested to hear about your foster parent journey. We are considering it after Malachi gets a little bigger.

    TTC since May 2006. After 3 failed Clomid cycles, 2 failed Injectibles/IUIs, 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET, we moved on to adoption! 


    Last ditch FET resulted in BFP, and identical twin girls!

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  • Welcome!  And congrats onyour decision to become foster parents.
    image Best friends and sisters... 24 months and 16 months
  • Congrats on deciding to foster and good luck TTC! 

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    Welcome! Good luck with either path that ends up working for you!

    Just wondering, why is your doctor having you do ICIs? I used donor sperm to TTC and did IUIs. From what I have learned, they may be a little more invasive and costly, but they are also much more effective. Maybe you've already looked into this, but if not, I'd recommend asking.

    Our doc didn't recommend doing it, we just wanted to try at home.  It didn't work, but I'm glad we tried (good memories).  We're going to a new RE next week and we'll go back to IUIs plus whatever else they want to do.  Thanks for the well wishes!

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