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Baby carriers and c-sections?

I will be having a rcs and I want to still be able to wear the new baby.  With DS I couldn't wear him until I was feeling much better.  I was thinking about getting a Baby K'tan or Blue Celery so I don't have to tie the wrap around me, also I saw that the K'tan has a breathable model, since baby is coming the beginning of August it seems like a logical choice.

Anyone have any experience with these or any suggestions on another type?


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Re: Baby carriers and c-sections?

  • I liked the Maya brand slings, though it did hurt my back much more than the wrap. But I was using it when my son was 15+ pounds. 
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    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

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  • I used the K'tan with a c-section and don't remember having any problem. 
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  • I used the moby wrap as soon as she was big enough and I was totally fine
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  • I put Baz in the moby the day we got home from the hospital and actually really liked it because I could make the band at my incision wide and then adjust the tension so I felt like I had support. It was awesome.
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  • I used a Moby-type wrap right after my c/s.  I have pics of LO and I when he was 1 week old, wrapped.  It didn't bug me at all, as long I used my head.  My only issue was one day, about 5 wks after my c/s, I wore him for a nap.  It was about 1.5 hours long.  I was standing the whole time - dishes, prepping for dinner, etc.  I was in pain the rest of the day.  Nothing a little Advil didn't fix, but...still...not the best decision.  So, take it easy! ;) 
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